Jan 162012

I have a Toyota T100 that is having some major brake problems.  We’ve had it in and out of the shop since October and replaced most of the brake system except the master cylinder.  As you are driving along the brakes just lock down tight.  If you let it sit and cool off, then it will work for awhile.  It is getting rather expensive with no solution to the problem.  I would really like to hear some suggestions on what to do.

Nov 102011

car just developed with check engine light and the faulty code was P0125, I took the vehicle to Toyota Lanka, the agent in Colombo and they replaced ECT sensor and both O2  and Oxygen sensors, but when I drove the vehicle for nearly 10 kms, the light came back with the same faulty code, P0125, the engine has not reached the required temperature level to enter closed-loop operation. As per Toyota Lanka now these sensors, ECT and Oxygen sensors readings are in order.

Could you please help me out to sort the issue, then I can talk to Toyota Lanka tomorrow again.

Oct 062011

I have a 1999 camry with a 2.2 liter engine. This car has been running great but lately the fuel mileage has dropped way off. Like 15 miles to the gallon only. And i don’t see any leaks. What could be the problem? Thanks to anyone that helps

Sep 202011

Hey can anyone help me, its my car 99 toyota camry

and my engine is louder then usual and rmp goes to 3 every time

I  hit the gas paddle. I changed oil about 3 months ago and

changed spark plugs too. Can anyone please tell me why it does that

I appreciate your help. thnx

Aug 312011

I have a 1998 Toyota Cam….my car was running fine then all of a sudden the check engine light came on and my car stopped. I checked my oil and it was low so I added some oil and the car started, however now the car shakes and will not drive over 20mph. If I accelerate the gas I hear a banging sound. Im trying to figure out if the car is worth saving.