Nov 272010

scanner said that it is a coolant temp closed loop problem. I changed the ect sensor and thermostat and the check engine light is still comming on. The Haynes repair book says that its a o2 heater sensor fault. Should I replace (bank1 sensor1) or is it something else? My tags are going to expire if I cant get it inspected. PLEASE HELP  1999 Toyota tacoma pre-runner 3.4 v6

Nov 212010

Okay, so the thing in my 98 corollas driver side door that allows the door to lock/close onto the door hing is pushed backward and it wont go back into the right position. please help

ps. i have pics if they are needed

I tried pushing it hard with a screw driver… which is how i cause the problem in the first place 😛

Sep 102010

i have a 2004 Toyota Tacoma and it is bogging down when taking off or when we increase speed or go up a hill did a scope and we we replaced the plugs, but it is still doing it what else could it be. I’ve replaced the plugs, gas cap air filter and added fuel injection cleaner. thanks for the help

Jun 032010

All electricals seized up at once, the Steering, shift, AC, Engine Fan, ABS, Trans?, Windows, power sunroof, radio works though, Scary, had been having that steering noise, TSB issued by Toyota, Dealer does not have a clue, any thoughts. Once a computer goes 1,000’s to fix, Don’t want a Band aid from Toyota?

May 022010

My 3B Toyota Diesel Engine smokes excessively when I back it off. I have Changed a full set of valve stem seals but has not made any difference. Any answers to what I could do to fix this problem? Cheers, Matt