Jun 032010

All electricals seized up at once, the Steering, shift, AC, Engine Fan, ABS, Trans?, Windows, power sunroof, radio works though, Scary, had been having that steering noise, TSB issued by Toyota, Dealer does not have a clue, any thoughts. Once a computer goes 1,000’s to fix, Don’t want a Band aid from Toyota?

May 022010

My 3B Toyota Diesel Engine smokes excessively when I back it off. I have Changed a full set of valve stem seals but has not made any difference. Any answers to what I could do to fix this problem? Cheers, Matt

Nov 272009

On its last legs but still moving, hesitates and chugs a little bit when accelerating especially up hill. Idles fine but is burning a bit of oil.

I suspect that I need to look at the valve covers for the oil burning but what about the chugging? Any ideas?


Nov 172009

drove My 89 toyota camry 6 cyl, but noticed engine lights on, drove back home but then would not re start. was able to jump start it, drove it for approx 1/2 hr, but did not shut car off. When got home would not re start. checked and replaced bad alternator. Jump started but then battery would not hold charge and died. checked and replaced bad battery. Car now will turn over, but not start. had several friends look at it…. they say there is no charge to any of the spark plugs, and another theory that it is not getting any gas? I don’t understand wut could have happened between the alternator going out and being replaced to have caused this, or wut i need to fix next. I have checked all fuses that I know how to, not sure about the relays. At a complete loss of what it could be . Help!!!

Nov 082009

My 1995 Camry (226,000 miles 4 cylinder automatic) dies sporadically. If I wait 6 – 12 hours, it starts up. I replaced the plugs, wired, cap and rotor. My mechanic wants to replace the distributor. When it dies, it feels like it is out of gas, lack of acceleration, then dies. I think it is flooding out, that is why it starts after waiting. Any thoughts?