Apr 232018

Chevy Truck

can I get an estimate for an oil pump replace, valve covers and intake gaskets replace labor only. thank you

Oil Pump, Replace

Labor Times
Comments Factory Regular Severe
0.9 1.4 1.6
1.5 2.3 2.5
Diesel 2.3 3.5 3.8
Comments Factory Regular Severe
w/skid plate add 0.0 0.3 0.3


Valve Cover Gasket, Replace Or Reseal

Labor Times
Comments Factory Regular Severe
Both sides 0.0 1.6 1.9
one side 0.0 0.8 1.0


Intake Manifold And/or Gasket, Replace

Labor Times
Comments Factory Regular Severe
0.0 2.9 3.2
Includes: Adjustments.
Comments Factory Regular Severe
Replace manifold add 0.0 0.3 0.3
Apr 232018

Chrysler 300

My car normally wont let me leave the car without my key but it locks and i cant get back in with the key in the car.

You will need to use a spare key or call a service to get you back in.

Key Fob Description

Vehicles are shipped from the factory with two FOB with Integrated Key (FOBIK) Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitters programmed to the vehicle as standard equipment. The FOBIK circuitry is contained and protected within a molded black plastic case with a black soft rubber touch pad on the face divided into six sections. The rearward end of the FOBIK case houses a mechanical, metal, coded emergency key (5) that is released by sliding a latch button on the back of the FOBIK case.

Depending upon vehicle equipment, each FOBIK has at least three and no more than five functional resistive membrane switches located beneath the six touch pad sections. Each functional touch pad section is clearly identified by white icons or white text and icons identifying the specific function obtained by pushing that button. Domestic market vehicles also include a touch pad section on the FOBIK with the red text PANIC applied to it. Not counting the PANIC touch pad (4), the available switches include:

  • Unlock (1) – Standard equipment.
  • Lock (2) – Standard equipment.
  • Remote Start (3) – Only for vehicles equipped with the factory-installed remote start system.
  • Trunk (6) – Standard equipment.

The FOBIK RKE transmitter is the primary customer active interface for remotely operating the power lock system, the RKE system and the remote start system components and features. However, the FOBIK also has an important passive role in each of the following vehicle systems:

  • Keyless Go System
  • Passive Entry System
  • Sentry Key® Theft Deterrent System
  • Vehicle Theft Security System (VTSS)

Other than battery replacement, the FOBIK cannot be adjusted or repaired. Once a FOBIK has been programmed to a vehicle, it cannot be reprogrammed for use on any other vehicle. If damaged or ineffective, the FOBIK must be replaced with a new unit. A new and unused FOBIK unit must be properly programmed in order to function properly with the systems of the vehicle. The mechanical emergency key of the new FOBIK must also be cut to match the coding of the lock cylinders in the vehicle.


The integrated mechanical key of the FOBIK provides emergency access to the vehicle in case the battery in the vehicle or the transmitter becomes discharged.

In the event that the battery in the FOBIK is low or there is a Low Frequency Antenna problem:

  • Hold the FOBIK with the key ring away from the Keyless Ignition Node (KIN).
  • With the Lock/Unlock button end of the FOBIK, press the Start/Stop Button (SSB) of the Keyless Ignition Node (KIN) switch.
  • Push gently to prevent scratching the surface of the SSB in the KIN.


Apr 142018

Dodge Ram 1500

2008 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 ltre has gone into limp mode. The dashboard warning light that are on are the red flashing lightning bolt, the check engine light and skid indicator. when diagnostic is done the error code is P0340 which is the cranckshaft position sensor which I have replaced. I have also replaced the ETC with no results. Any ideas?

I would consider looking at the camshaft position sensor. You stated that you replace the crankshaft sensor, not the camshaft sensor.

Dodge Code P0340

  • Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 1

Code P0340 probable causes

  • Faulty Camshaft Position Sensor
  • Camshaft Position Sensor harness is open or shorted
  • Camshaft Position Sensor circuit poor electrical connection
  • Faulty starter motor
  • Starting system circuit
  • Dead (Weak) battery

Camshaft Position Sensor Location

The Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP) (3) is located on right side of timing gear/chain cover below generator (1).


Camshaft Position Sensor Removal

  1. First of all, disconnect electrical connector (3) at CMP sensor.
  2. Next remove sensor mounting bolt (3).
  3. Carefully twist sensor (2) from timing gear/chain cover.
  4. Finally, check the condition of sensor O-ring.


Apr 102018

GWM Steed

I have a 2010 steed 5, 2.8 Tci bakkie and after reconditioning the engine it cranks but won’t start. I can start and run it using quick start but the moment I stop spraying the quick start it cut off, injectors is on the original cylinder, it just seem that the injectors are not letting fuel in. If someone had encountered this problem before please contact me via email XXX.XXXXXXX@XXXXXX.XXX

Since you have had this apart, I would start by checking for loose connections or things that are not plugged in correctly. Usually a check engine light will illuminate and help guide you in the right direction. If you have any codes present feel free to post them below.

Apr 102018

2010 Chavy Impala

I have had no problem with my transmission then Thursday night, after stopping at a stop sign when I went to take off, it wouldn’t move I finally tried 3 no luck, went down to 2 it moved, after getting up to speed I was able to slide in back into drive, but every time I stopped I would have to drop it back down to 2, Friday morning they added fluid to it, when I left for work I had to drop it down to 1, when I tried to shift it back up to drive it wouldn’t go, can a transmission go out that quick or could it be something else?

Can a transmission go out that quick?

Short answer, Yes. Heat is the number one cause for a transmission burning up. A unit low on fluid is exposed to even more heat and would hurry the process. That being said, in most cases if the transmission is burned up the fluid color will be dark and have a burnt smell. If the fluid looks nice and clean then the odds are it is an issue with the valve body solenoids.

How to check transmission fluid color

Finally, using a white paper towel dab a little bit of fresh transmission fluid on it. This will give you something to compare the current fluid color to. No add a little bit of the cars transmission fluid next to the clean on the paper towel and compare.


Apr 082018

2004 Volvo XC90

How do you access the brake light relay (REM module) in the rear (left) driver side compartment? Seems you must remove the entire panel for unrestricted access. How is that done?

Rear Electronic Module (REM) Replacement Procedure


The REM Module is a separate unit in the relay box located in the cargo compartment.

  • Switch ignition off.
  • Remove the left side panel in the cargo compartment. HINT: The rear panel in the side panel of the cargo compartment can be removed to change fuses.
  • Release the relay and fuse box.
  • Remove the screw holding the connector so that it is free of its threads. Check that the screw is free with your fingers.
  • Disconnect the connector. Use an open spanner and a support.
  • Remove all relays and shunts bridged to the control module. Note the locations.
  • Release the catch on the rear. Use a screwdriver.
  • Lift and pull out the control module.

REM Module – 2004 Volvo XC90


Apr 022018

1993 Ford Ranger

will not shift into 4wd

First determine which 4WD setup you have.

View of the Borg-Warner model 13-54 with mechanical shift. Electronic shift and model 44-05 are similar


Transfer Case Identification

There are three transfer cases used on the Ranger, Explorer and Mountaineer. There are 2 versions of the Borg Warner 13-54 (mechanical shift and electronic shift), a Borg Warner 44-05 (Control Trac) and an All Wheel Drive (AWD) transfer case.

The Borg Warner 13-54, mechanical shift transfer case, is a 3-piece aluminum part time unit. It transfers power from the transmission to the rear axle and when actuated, also the front drive axle. The unit is lubricated by a positive displacement oil pump that channels oil flow through drilled holes in the rear output shaft. The pump turns with the rear output shaft and allows towing of the vehicle at maximum legal road speeds for extended distances without disconnecting the front and/or rear driveshaft.

Electronic Shift Transfer Case

The Borg Warner 13-54, electronic shift transfer case, transfers power from the transmission to the rear axle and also the front drive axle, when electronically actuated.

This system consists of a push button control, an electronic control module, an electric shift motor with an integral shift position sensor and a speed sensor.

The electric shift motor, mounted externally at the rear of the transfer case, drives a rotary helical cam. The cam moves the 2WD-4WD shift fork and 4H-4L reduction shift fork to the selected vehicle drive position. The system has no select-able Neutral (N) setting.

NOTE: The manufacturer recommends that the Borg Warner 13-54 transfer case equipped vehicles should not be operated in 4WD (whether HI or LOW) mode on dry pavement. Severe drive line torsional wind-up will occur, possibly damaging the drivetrain components.

The Borg Warner 44-05 transfer case operates in the same manner as the 13-54, except that it also houses a transfer case clutch. This clutch, which is controlled by the Generic Control Module (GEM), enables the vehicle to be driven in 4-wheel drive on dry pavement by cycling the clutch to compensate for different front and rear driveshaft speeds (as in turning). The system has a dealer install-able Neutral (N) position mode.

The All Wheel Drive (AWD) transfer case is a 2-piece aluminum, chain driven, viscous clutch type unit. The AWD transfer case is always active in 4-wheel drive, thus producing a full-time engagement. The viscous clutch automatically distributes power to both the front and rear wheels, depending on need.

4WD Circuit wiring diagram

(best viewed in Google Chrome)

Apr 022018

2007 Mazda CX-7

Radio won’t work

Check fuses first. Then trace wiring. If everything checks out, replace the radio. Use the wiring diagram provided below to assist in your troubleshooting. If the radio comes on but just no sound, your radio thinks its being stolen. You will need the radio code. If it is not in your owners manual call the dealer.

2007 Mazda CX-7 Radio wiring diagram