Oct 312017

1995 Ford E150

No Heat

I put it in the shop for them to fix problem. It came back running worse. Turns out they took out the proair 800 and bypassed it so coolant was circulating but not enough since I was still overheating. I redid everything they did and it runs better. I put in some radiator sealant and that sealed a few things I didn’t want it to. Mainly the overflow which helped keep running just a little longer. I fixed that but it still keeping it running a bit longer.

I noticed when I did the by pass in the back that there isn’t a really marked as to which hose to which so I may have that wrong plus the wiring that I plugged back together there is one I couldn’t find. And two that plugged into fuses back there didn’t say which fuse they went too.

I have since developed a leak in radiator and it overheats. Other than that the van runs great. Way better than before but I can’t afford another radiator or even coolant at this point but before when proair 800 was still bypassed I had heat. When I rerouted the lines in back is when all the cold air just stayed on. Feels like air conditioning is stuck. But I do get warm air right when it starts getting really hot please give me the very best guess possible is it the wire I didn’t plug in. Are the two hoses reversed? Or is it just that I need a new radiator. I live in Alaska and heat is crucial.

Best guess is there is an air pocket in the system. And it will be almost impossible to for the system to work if it has a leak. You need the cooling system to be leak free. Needs to be completely filled with 50/50 mix of coolant/water and bled of no air. Straight coolant or straight water will cause it to overheat even in perfectly functioning cooling systems.

Another thought I had was if both heater hoses are hot, and it is blowing cold it may be that the vacuum hoses didn’t get hook back up right on the back of the control head. If there is a vacuum leak the mode door actuator won’t work correctly.

Oct 312017

1999 SAAB 9-3

I have a manual transmission on my SAAB. The shifter was disconnected to put in a new ignition switch. But transmission was not locked in 4th gear when linkage clamp was loosed. How do I get the car back into 4th with the linkage disconnected?

Reconnect the linkage and move the shifter. Sounds vague but it is what is required.

Oct 292017

Hyundai Accent

My car stopped starting last week. The battery is less than 4 months old. I can jump the car and it will run indefinitely with no power problems. Whenever I turn off the engine it will not start back up. It makes a clicking noise as long as I keep the key turned. I took the car to Autozone and they checked the battery, starter and alternator. They said the alternator was bad. I replaced the alternator, but the car still will not start without a jump. Took the car back to Autozone and they again said it was the alternator. I checked the wiring(except at the starter because it is hard to get to), replaced the terminals on the wiring to the battery. Checked the ground wire. Nothing I have done seems to solve the problem. It just clicks when I try and start it.

Replace the BATTERY!  It doesn’t matter how old it is, if its bad, its bad. The clicking noise is the tip off.


Oct 282017

 GMC Sierra

Idles a little rough and when pressing the accelerator doesn’t have power and stalls sometimes.

Doesn’t have power

The first thing to do would be to have any check engine light codes scanned. Post them below in the comments. If there are no check engine light codes then the most common cause for this on your vehicle would be a lack of fuel pressure. This can be from a faulty fuel pump or a restriction in the fuel line. The restriction could be a clogged fuel filter or a kink in the line. Could also be from a faulty sensor signalling the PCM to use less fuel such as a faulty MAF sensor.

Quick test

A quick test would be to have someone press the accelerator and when it bogs, spray some starting fluid in the air filter. If the engine revs up then you know it is a lack of fuel that is causing the issue.

Oct 282017

honda civic

My car will not turn over. When I turn the key all the lights turn on and makes a buzzing sound. The steering wheel does not turn.

Car will not turn over

Most likely cause for this problem would be a bad or weak battery. The lights only draw a few amps to operate but the starter requires hundreds. If the battery is older than 4 years it is good enough reason to replace it.

1992 Suzuki Sidekick radiator low on coolant

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Oct 282017

Suzuki Sidekick

I had the timing belt changed via an auto mechanic on my 1992 Suzuki Sidekick 2WD JS 16Valve. The radiator has always had fluid in it. When I got it back it had fluid only in the reservoir. I told the mechanic and put fluid in it and drove it back, he said it was a faulty radiator cap. I bought a new one. He said the reservoir holds all the fluid the radiator needs.

I have had this car since it was new and it always had fluid in the radiator. (I replaced it with a brand new radiator approx. 3 years ago.). I am not sure why the radiator is not keeping coolant in it. I am a 63 year old woman and my knowledge of this area is limited. Any ideas ? My mechanic is on vacation or I would call him. Thank you

The reservoir is more like a reserve tank. If the coolant in the radiator becomes low it will draw from it.

If the radiator is low then it should be filled along with the reservoir tank. Then let the engine run for a few minutes to assist in purging any air from the cooling system. Allow the engine to cool and remove the radiator cap and top off.

filling radiator on Suzuki Sidekick

Drive it for a few days and check the coolant level in the radiator often to make sure there is no leak. If the coolant level continues to go down repeatedly, you will need to have the cooling system pressure tested to locate the leak. Once the leak is located, have it repaired.

How to fill the Cooling System

NOTE: The vehicle must be parked on level ground when filling the cooling system.

  1. Install the radiator drain plug, then fill the radiator with the proper coolant and install the radiator cap. When installing the radiator cap, ensure that it is fully tightened.
  2. Start the engine and allow it to idle for 2–3 minutes to purge air from the cooling system, then turn the engine OFF.
  3. Remove the radiator cap and, if necessary, add coolant to the radiator until the coolant level is at the base of the fill neck.
  4. Inspect the coolant level in the reserve tank and, if necessary, add coolant to bring the level in the tank to the FULL mark.

Honda Civic engine pinging

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Oct 272017

2016 Honda Civic

I put a can of nos octane booster fuel treatment in my 2016 Honda Civic yesterday. On my way home while merging on to the highway, the car started making a “ting, ting, ting” noise. Almost like rattling. I pulled over, and remerged back onto the highway and it made that same sound. It only does it while accelerating.

Could this be maybe the fuel injector cleaner removing the crud?

Engine pinging

I wouldn’t think your octane booster would cause it, if anything octane booster should have helped it. If it is just the name of the fuel treatment and not an actual booster it still shouldn’t cause an issue unless you you added it to less than 1/8 of gas.

Generally the “ting, ting, ting” noise is  commonly referred to as engine pinging. This is caused by too low of octane for the ignition timing to handle. On older engines the ignition timing is adjustable and can be adjusted to not ping in lower octane situations. On newer vehicles the engine is equipped with a knock sensor that will adjust the ignition timing automatically when this happens. If you continue to drive it this way permanent internal engine damage may occur. (hole in the piston)

If the fuel tank is less than half full, I would recommend filling it with the highest octane fuel available. And buy it from a different fueling station just in case the last fill up was contaminated.

2002 Seat Ibiza 1.9tdi pd130 hardly turns over

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Oct 272017

2002 Seat Ibiza

Hi, I have a Seat Ibiza 1.9tdi pd130 2002 the car hardly turns over sounds like batteries dead/dying but has plenty of life, the RAC suggested was starter motor got that replaced and still the same, jump start doesn’t work but bump starts no problem, and noticed to day that fan in car cut off for a second quite few times, any suggestions.

Hardly turns over

Sounds like a bad cell in the battery. Replacing the battery should take care of this issue. A load tester would be needed to make sure but even then the test is not 100% all the time. If the battery is even close to being 4 years old it is reason enough to go ahead and replace it.

2004 Chevy Venture Tail Light Circuit Board Issue

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Oct 272017

2004 Chevy Venture

Tail light problems

I have a 2004 Chevy Venture experiencing issues with the driver side (left) tail light circuit board. The brake light bulb, left turn signal bulb, and reverse indicator bulb aren’t working. Both the top and bottom running light(s) bulbs are working when activated, however when the left turn signal and/or hazard lights are activated, instead of the left turn signal bulb turning on, both the top and bottom running lights flash in sync with the turn signals.

Tonight I’m going to temporarily swap the driver and passenger side tail light circuit boards to see what happens. Any ideas on where the issue might be? Vehicle electronics isn’t my strong suit. Any suggestions and/or advice would be greatly appreciated! It’s my understanding that tail light electrical issues with the 2004 Chevy Venture (and other GM Mini vans from this same generation) are quite common.

This may be the case of installing the wrong bulb or the circuit board is faulty. A 3057 bulb is different than a 3157 bulb. Check this first. You are right that this year vehicle has had its share of tail light problems. The most common fix is replacing the tail light circuit board assemblies.

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