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Jan 142017

Plymouth breezeWe changed the crank position sensor and then changed the plug for it. It started, drove for a few minutes than died and is still doing it. What could it be?


In most cases it would be the ignition control module. If you find however that it will not start after it dies, it is best to determine what the engine is not getting. You will need to determine if it is loosing fuel or spark or both. I have a wonderful diagnostic chart for just that occasion.

Aug 292016

2000 Plymouth breezeFuel fuse keeps blowing an won’t start. I had starter tested an its fine. A short in wire but not sure which 1.


I have to assume you are referring to Fuse # 10,  10 amp fuse that supplies power to the Fuel Pump Relay. Check the relay and then the wiring for a short. The fuse also supplies power signal to the PCM on PIN 20(F 12), it is a DARK BLUE/ WHITE wire.

Why would you have the starter tested? Does the engine not turn over?

FUEL PUMP RELAY – removal and installation

The fuel pump relay is located in the PDC. The inside top of the PDC cover has a label showing relay and fuse location.

Power Distribution for Fuse Keeps Blowing 10 Wiring Diagram – 2000 Plymouth Breeze

May 032015

. I want to know the best way to remove a 3.0 engine from a 1999 Plymouth voyager minivan: top , bottom, or separately?

Aug 252014

I own a 1975 Plymouth duster with a slant super six, I have replaced fuel line and put a electric fuel pump and regulator and have 4psi fuel pressure, replaced electronic ecu and new wiring for same, rebuilt carb 2bbl, new ballist resistor, new distibitor, new plugs and wires, timing is correct, vac. 20 and rpm’s are right. hard starting when cold but starts every time hot, idles great, runs great driving on flat ground but to drive up a hill and it will die every time. I am stumped???

Jan 162014

2000 Voyager…won’t start. Ran fine before I installed new oil pan.
Now when you turn the key there is a rapid clicking coming from the auto shut off relay that won’t stop even when I turn off the key.
I have to remove the relay. I switched the relay with the ac clutch relay. It still does the same thing.