Heat will not get warm after repairs 99 Dodge


Temperature will not heat up replaced water pump and thermostat flushed the radiator and heater core and truck temp will get about 160 but heat will not get warm

Are you using an external temperature reading device such as an Infrared Thermometer or relying on the gauge in the dash?

We have several helpful articles that may help with this.

Heat will not get warm

First make sure the system has been properly bled and is free of leaks. Then you will want to confirm the thermostat is working properly. Meaning it allows the system to get hot and build pressure before opening. A lack of pressure not only can be from a thermostat stuck open but can also be from a leak in the system or a faulty radiator cap. At this point you can check for restrictions. See if one heater hose is hott and the other is cold. This may be an indication of a clogged heater core.

Cooling System Air Bleed Procedure

A. Fill coolant reserve/overflow tank to MAX mark.
B. Start and operate engine until thermostat opens (upper radiator hose warm to touch).
C. If necessary, add antifreeze mixture to the coolant reserve/overflow tank. This is done to maintain coolant level between the MAX and MIN marks. The level in the reserve/overflow may drop below the MIN mark after three or four warm-up and cool-down cycles.


  1. Without removing radiator pressure cap and with system not under pressure, open draincock. Draincock is located on lower lefthand side of radiator.
  2. Drain coolant into a suitable container.
  3. After coolant recovery/reserve container is empty, then remove coolant pressure cap.
  4. Remove cylinder block drain plug(s). Drain coolant into a suitable container.
  5. Install drain plugs and close draincock.
  6. Refill system with clean water.
  7. Run engine with radiator cap installed until upper radiator hose is hot.
  8. Stop engine and drain water from system.
  9. If water is dirty; fill, run, and drain system again, until water runs clear.
  10. After performing a cleaning/flush procedure, inspect all hoses, clamps, and connections for deterioration and leaks.
  11. Inspect radiator and heater core for leaks.
  12. Remove radiator pressure cap.
  13. Fill system, using a 50/50 mix of Mopar Antifreeze/Coolant, Five Year/100,000 Mile Formula (orange in color) and distilled water.
  14. Continue filling system until full. Be careful not to spill coolant on drive belts or alternator.
  15. Fill coolant recovery/reserve container to at least MAX mark with 50/50 solution. It may be required to add coolant to recovery/reserve container after three or four warm up/cool down cycles to maintain coolant level between MAX and MIN mark. This will allow trapped air to be removed from system.