Dec 082015

My truck died while driving, won’t restart, has fuel, fire, air & got compression. I’ve changed the crank sensor, spark plugs & have no codes. Any guess what it could be? thanks

Dec 082015

drive down road lights started to fade, warn lights in dash came on. we turned around did not make it home. we were not very far from home. had no problem to start the car when we left.
get in starts stops 4 times next nothing. no sound at all.

Dec 062015

After driving my truck a few miles I turn it off, it will not start. I replaced the starter and checked the grounds. It will not start with a jump box or jumped by another vehicle. Thanks-Mike

Dec 032015

2010 Dodge Ram 1500
I am wanting to put 2 exhaust systems on this truck i.e. from the headers the pipes 2 catalytic converters 2 mufflers, where the piping never attaches. Is this possible/legal?

Nov 302015

2000 Dodge Intrepid
How do I fix a Blend Door Actuator (Code 23) and Mode Door Actuator (Code 24) Feedback Failure? I have changed the control unit 3x. I changed the Blend Door Actuator and the seal doesn’t work.

Nov 122015

2005 Dodge Caravan
At 3500 R.P.M. It wont shift up unless u roll out of the throttle and then have to work the pedal to increase speed. N park it will tach out .n gear it will not hardly rev up… It will in every gear at 3500 r.p.m. Jerk n jerk n decrease speed till u work throttle to get it to shift up or down… I gt 6 kids can’t afford to have it fixed please help . Been told detent cable n throttle position sensor…. What u think it really is