Dec 162014

I have a 2004 dodge neon (SXT, I believe). I have had the cam sensor, new spark plugs and spark plug wires and a new battery changed on it and these all fixed it for a little while. The car occasionally and randomly won’t start still and it is becoming more frequent. There are no codes, and I currently have my car at the 3rd mechanic, who “can’t find anything wrong with it”. I am a full time college student with little to no extra cash to keep fixing things and have the problem not get fixed. I could really use some more help!

Nov 292014

I was in an accident. I replaced the fan blade, clutch, and radiator. The transmission cooler was ok and I left off the a;/c condenser. the pulleys all looked ok. when I started the truck, the harmonic balancer started wobbling like crazy. Is there a chance it just needs to be straightened(it didn’t appear bent, maybe just loosen it up and re-center it or something)? Or will I likely have to replace it,?? and can i drive it like that?

Oct 202014

The cruise has not worked since l purchased the truck in 2013. The green cruise light would come on for a second (while driving) then go out and not come back on till l shut off the truck. It has lots of vacuum, I replaced the steering wheel buttons, still nothing. I noticed yesterday if l push down on the brake, the cruise light will come on and stay on till l release the brake. Like something is reading backwards.Seems very odd. I have a Lamp Out that comes on the truck also. All lights work, Have changed taillight circuit boards and bulbs ,tried  to change the brake switch but new one would not let me put it into gear. Will try another one as you can only set them up one time. I don’t know what else to try. PLEASE HELP. Thanks

Sep 202014

Problems with headlights:    On bright the left side burns but not the right side.  On dim the right side burns but not the left side.  Running light only works on left side… We have replaced all the bulbs.  What should we check to fix this problem?

May 032014

When my serpentice belt broke, my throttle body sensor went bad. the car’s check engine light came on, and it was getting too much gas and smoking. But when I replaced the throttle body sensor, the car was still getting too much gas and it was still smoking. What is going on, and how can I repair it?