Mar 202014

Looking for answers to a problem with my 2005 Dakota 3.7 V6. It misses on slow acceleration between 35 and 55 mph. . if I mash the pedal it accelerates fine. . 2 check engine codes come up.  PO152 and PO300. . I have changed cat converter (whole unit) and all 4 O2 sensors.. upstream and down stream. . Fuel pressure is 52 PSI at idle and 62 PSI when revved up.. I have a good scanner but a lo of the info it gives me I have yet to understand.

Jan 192014

Starts and runs good, can get in it an go to town 15 miles one way and 90% of the time when I get back in it to leave it won’t start. Cranks over good but NOT getting FIRE. Have let it set over night, and sometimes 3 or 4 hours it will start right back up.