Mar 032015

Check engine light, giving a p0748 code. I have pulled the pan, visually checked the Gov Press Solenoid, and the wiring harness. Did this at a friends house and didn’t have a continuity tester or multimeter at the time so while pan was pulled didn’t get a chance to check the internal wiring harness or solenoid with testers I am wondering. There is an 8 pin connector that plugs into transmission. I read somewhere that the #1 pin socket should be carrying voltage? It currently is not. Do you have a wiring harness diagram for the exterior of transmission. I have also ruled out the trans control relay. The relay only not the circuit. I’ve changed with clean ATF , any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh the truck starts in limp mode 2nd gear. No O/D yada yada yada

2007 Dodge Caliber wheel sets out at the top

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Feb 282015

Dodge Caliber

The rear wheel on the passenger side sets out at the top. Not sure what happened, what could this be?

Your rear hub bearings could be worn. Jack the car up and put it on a secure jack stand. Grab the top and bottom of the tire and see if you can get it to move by wiggling it. Look for anything that might be loose.

Is it making any noise while driving it?

Feb 232015

My car died, son jumped it, now all electrical warnings are blinking and every time I kill it, it needs to be jumped to get it started. We checked the battery, it’s good, and we also changed the alternator. Please help!

Feb 192015

My Right turn signal is acting up!!! When I activate the right signal the bulbs are functional but are dimmed and pulse as if it’s trying to function properly but the reverse lights come on and pulse dimmed!! Also at the same time, the fog lights in the front go off when I use the right signal and come back on when not using the right signal!!

I’ve taken the back light housing off and manipulated the wires/repositioned them and the back lights worked properly but the fog lights still went off!!!Then it went back to the original problem I described earlier where all those lights were acting funny again!!! Is this a short or a fuse??? Can I fix it myself?? If so, how!!!

Feb 152015

Won’t start, died on the road. Had code P2509, changed batteries, checked all fuses next to battery and they were good. Disconnected fan clutch harness and still doesn’t start but nor connector pin is corroded off, the code scanner shows 84 psi fuel pressure but I am unsure about whether this is accurate since the truck is not running. What would my next step be in diagnosing the problem?

Feb 152015

I have a dodge truck with a 318 and I had to replace the manifold and rocker cover gaskets and now it wont start
I previously replaced the spark plugs and the cables