Jan 122015

.  my car failed smog check today.   the reason is the no     ppm was too high  .   m1    15 mph   rpm 1812    co2    max 14.5  %o2   0.0     hc  ppm max  64 ave 9  meas   7     co%   max  0.55     ave 0.03   meas 0.13    no   ppm     max   4.77     ave 67     meas525      result     fail

i replaced plugs .oil and air filter,oil ,one fuel injector prior to the test. tested spark plug wires   .

the idle seemed too fast. i adjusted to lower speed but it still seemed too high.   i just had the transmission rebuilt . i  put in a used fuel pump. changed temp sensor. checked all vacuum lines,  changed the dash gauges.

i did not change the smog valve .  could this cause failure??    i asked the smog person at the star station what needs repair .  he said it could be anything. tired engine ,catalytic converter or something else.      what is the most likely cause of the failure please?

my care engine always seemed powerful. get up and go. one day a fluid line to my transmission burst.
i had to have the transmission rebuilt. now the car does not respond as quickly when i need to speed up to get on the freeway. also the car has failed to pass a star smog check. the ” no” level was too high at 15 mph
can they be a related problem??

what is the most likely to cause a no too high failure at the star test facility

Jan 082015

new alternator,good battery. worked well for a week or so but now not charging again. codes coming uo are 12 and 55. haven’t cycle key on 50 times since dead battery. could it still be a 41 code with 12 coming up

Jan 062015

i have oil leak, then lik 2 days ago it started making like a loud vibration type noise and over heating, someone suggested it may be a timing belt and then yesterday when i took kids to school, when i would turn it off it make alotta rumbling thro the radiator and heated up twice as fast as the day before and when i parked it for the last time last night .. i found antifreeze on ground where it was parked idling

Dec 162014

I have a 2004 dodge neon (SXT, I believe). I have had the cam sensor, new spark plugs and spark plug wires and a new battery changed on it and these all fixed it for a little while. The car occasionally and randomly won’t start still and it is becoming more frequent. There are no codes, and I currently have my car at the 3rd mechanic, who “can’t find anything wrong with it”. I am a full time college student with little to no extra cash to keep fixing things and have the problem not get fixed. I could really use some more help!

Nov 292014

I was in an accident. I replaced the fan blade, clutch, and radiator. The transmission cooler was ok and I left off the a;/c condenser. the pulleys all looked ok. when I started the truck, the harmonic balancer started wobbling like crazy. Is there a chance it just needs to be straightened(it didn’t appear bent, maybe just loosen it up and re-center it or something)? Or will I likely have to replace it,?? and can i drive it like that?