Apr 152015

My car won’t start.I put new fuel filter, plugs. It has plenty of cranking power, it just won’t turn over. I also replaced start relay. I’m lost any suggestions. I’m trying to avoid bringing it to a shop thanks in advance

Apr 102015

I had coolant leaking thru the AC vents so i had the heater core replaced two weeks ago. Now i have problems that I never had before the mechanic touched it. I took it back the next day because the AC was blowing hot air, there was a squealing sound coming from the engine and the car was sputtering when I slowed to a stop. Mechanic said he fixed a stuck valve. Now the AC only blows cold air when Im not idling and even then its not as cold as before I had the work done. Last weekend I took it on the interstate and after about 35 miles it overheated. It seems to run fine if I dont use the AC but I also hear a loud bubbling from the coolant reservoir when I turn the car off. Again I didnt have any of these problems before the heater core was replaced and now the mechanic is telling me he will not look at it again without charging me more money. Can anyone tell me what could be going on?

Apr 092015

van lacks power, seems to be wide open throttle, stays in downshift or briefly shifts to higher gear to about 45mph. no engine lights or codes. tail pipe and converter look ok no damage. pulled wire on upstream sensor, threw a code, reset, still lack of power. 164k miles driven 20 miles a day, just did minor tuneup, checked for broken vac lines, fixed 2 vac line for ac. engine idles good, revs ok at 1/4 pedal then bogs down as if grabbing for air. Any ideas?

Mar 282015

I have a 91 dodge dakota 2wd 5sp 3.9L. Not entirely sure what is wrong but while taking off from a stop it seems to lose the gear and all power the the truck starts to shudder then grabs the gear again. Doesn’t do it regularly or in a specific gear. What could be wrong, Trans. Clutch???