Jun 022015

I was driving down the highway it mad a clunking noise and would not drive anymore. So i jacked the van up with it in park with both wheels off the ground, and the wheels turn freely

May 312015

Just did plugs and wires yesterday and the check engine light comes on now. The check engine light only comes on when you put it in first gear and start to accelerate, but the truck does run smoother.

May 232015

for  going on a year when I drive, the front of the vehicle smells “hot” , the coolant is draining out very slowly, over a few months to get below the minimum line.. there is no coolant on the garage floor. I have taken it to two different mechanics, one said the hose needed tightened but both can find nothing else. the gauge never goes to over heat I want to take it to another mechanic but don’t know what to tell them…I am a widow and know little about cars but do know my car and its ailments, thank you

May 222015

A couple days ago my radio stopped working and now only the external and dashboard lights work when the switch is turned on but the radio and inside lights don’t work at all. Before this the car makes noises and the air does not get cold and will not turn off properly. Do you think all of this is related?

May 202015

2009 Dodge Journey SE 2.4 engine will not accelerate. Diagnostic test shows electronic throttle control system. What can be done? Buy a part or take to a dealership to fix?