Jan 112010

my park avenue dies on me while driving on sidestreets and highway. Has new coils and bat. and plugs wires, and alternator. It is probably one on the sensors. which one would be the most possible one to start with in replacing to keep engine from dying while driving.

Jan 052010

Hi! I have a 1995 buick century special, and was wondering if there was any possible way to jump the vechicle without lifting the hood, for the simple fact that I recently got into an accident with it and cannot pop the hood because of it. If you aren’t sure, do you know where I could attain an electronic schematics diagram for the vehicle?

Nov 042009

my car is dying when I turn left. It has died twice while I was driving down the highway. I am in need of a solution to this problem as this has become a dangerous situation. Please let me know if you know what this could be and how I can fix it. It seems to stop exactly when I turn the wheel back to the right. It also seems to not do it after I fill up the gas tank but that doesnt last long. Thank you for your time.

Oct 262009

The car has 3800 Series 2 motor runs rough at idle, smooths out at higher exceleration (when still in park).

while running the engine sounds suffeceint but when moved into drive, it stalls.

we have replaced; sensors and spark plugs, ecm unit (but nothing has changed after all replacements)

does anyone know what is going on?

Oct 182009

My Riviera died about a week ago…had no acceleration, and then just quit…was told it was bad fuel pump, so we had it replaced.  We drove for about 3 days, and symptoms were happening again.  It bogs, then won’t go.  It will start right up, then die or run with barely any acceleration.  (It sort of like when you run out of gas). We found out after a week, that guy who did fuel pump never changed the fuel filter.  So, we did this.  Now it’s doing the same thing again

Any suggestions?  Could it be that we drove on old filter for a week that the new pump is now bad?  HELP!!