Mar 132015

Cadillac CTS

2005 Cadillac CTS

Purchased vehicle new, from dealership. Car has always been reliable, except for a fuse-blowing problem, in which the car wouldn’t start, back in 2007. That was the 10a fuse, listed as (HTR VLV/ CLTCH), which is part of the ‘Jumper to Start Relay Coil for Automatic Transmission’. After blowing 3 or 4 additional fuses, I replaced it with a 15a circuit-breaker fuse, and have had no problems since.
The same thing is now happening again, with the car not starting. Note: Battery is fully charged, and all lights and accessories are working. I thought my current problem may have been with the same fuse, so I put in a new one, and still nothing. I then tried putting in a new Starter Relay, and that did nothing.

When I put the key in the ignition, turn to accessory, everything lights as normal, continue to start, I get nothing. Now I can’t turn the key all the way back to remove it, so it stays in the access. position. I have to push the release pin under the column to get the key out. I have now discovered that if I use a test-light, from the neg. side of the battery to one of the pins of the starter relay, I can start the car. This was done with both the old & new relay. The car will stay running.

When I shut the car off, I can now start it with the key, numerous times. If I return to start it in 15 or 20 min., it starts fine with the key. After a half hour or so, it will no longer start with the key, and I have to jump it with the test-light again. So, where I am at now, is I can jump it, go anywhere, and do anything, as long as the car is only turned off for 15min. or less, in order to start it with the key. It seems that by jump-starting, it energizes something for a short period only. But strangely enough, it started yesterday, after an hour of sitting, then 3 hours later, it didn’t. Everything that I have done so far, is from the advice of a long-time friend, and auto mechanic, who specialized in electrical problems, but does not know everything about many newer cars, as he is now retired.

I am now at a ‘stand-still’, with no other options, and need an experts advice. Thank you.

Jan 182015

I just resealed the oil pan and changed the water pump. I filled all of the fluids. When I restarted the car the valves are rapping really loud. It sounds like a diesel. I am thinking the oil is not circulating through the engine. I do not recall disconnecting anything electrical that would limit the pump from circulating the oil. Any ideas of what it could be? Appreciate your help.

Aug 272014

Hey Everyone. I am having a heck of a time getting my Eldorado to run right. I have a couple cracked vacuum hoses that I am replacing, which I am sure was a cause for some of my issues. However, I am concerned there are at least two issues that I have no idea how to fix. First is, there is a Green plug coming off the harness of the TPS. This 4 wire plug has 3 wires coming from the TPS to it, but the Green Plug itself is not plugged into anything and doesnt look like there is anywhere it would plug into. The wires themselves are short, so there isnt much room for this plug to go. Yet I can not find out where it goes, even if it does go anywhere.

Secondly, is my MAP sensor. I pulled the codes from the ECM and I had trouble code 34. Vacuum/MAP Sensor. I had the MAP sensor replaced and realized there was no vacuum line running to the MAP. I found the line coming from the back of the Throttle Body and traced it to where the previous owner had it running up into the top of the dash by the vents. Why? I do not know. When I re-ran the line to the MAP Sensor the car ran even worse. Barely staying running and running EXTREMELY rich. I know this line goes to the MAP. All vacuum diagrams say it does.

Does anyone have any idea what the hell could be going on?

Thank you all.

May 132014

I just bought this car and before I had it looked at by a mechanic because when u stop or accelerate it jumps a little bit. He said it was to do with a leak on the breaking system and some breakers, and it will cost $300.00 or so. I’m scared to have that fixed if its not the problem. I don’t want to spend 300 for a transmission problem. Oh, and the people I bought it from didn’t drive it for a few months and then this happened, it did have a leak of brake fluid though by the tire.