Nov 252015

1996 Cadillac Deville
We are working on a 96 Deville. The guy putting the a/c compressor didn’t tell us he had to take the oil filter off to get the compressor on it. We came in the next morning and started it to back it out. I seen the oil puddle and shut it off. Now it turns over’ but we can’t get it to start. We changed the key and tumbler we got from the dealer and the security light is not flashing.

Oct 252015

Left front brake locks up in about 10 minutes of driving changes caliper pads hose and bled with a scan tool clears it up but 10 mins of driving g locks it again

2000 Cadillac Deville

Oct 082015

1994 Cadillac STSmy accelerator stuck and I had to stop the car by throwing it in neutral and using the brakes until I burned them. what caused this runaway acceleration problem?

Aug 212015

Keeps draining power ..Had the battery tested and it’s’s let me jump it a few times but now it’s to the point I can’t jump’s all computers so it makes noises when you try to turn it over? I’m confused as to what it is!

Aug 182015

Truck needs a jump when the temperature is 73 degrees. I have replaced the battery and the alternator. When the temperature is 80 degrees and above truck starts without a hitch. Can you help me find out why this truck can’t hold a charger in cold weather?

Aug 122015

So. I am super frustrated. My husband bought a 1970 cadillac hearse with 65,000 mls for $4000 The guy he bought it from showed him it started up.
So, he had been working on it for the past year. Pulled the block, cleaned it repainted it,
Bought a lot of new parts, replaced all the seals etc. He got to the point that he dropped the block back in. Then decided to take it to a small local mechanic (who I was warranty of from the start) who said he would get it “road ready” for him for $2500

The mechanic had it running for a little bit but told my husband the carb was the wrong one and had him pay about $300 for a diffrent one. Then he had one of the guys working for him put the starter on. The guy never put the starter bot on and broke our starter (it shredded ). They ordered a new starter but after that the engine would no longer turn over. The guy said it seized up and he didn’t know why.
My husband had paid him already. But now we have a car that isn’t “road ready” because it won’t turn over now. And we’re in

The mechanic said it would need to be re-machined and that is like $5000
Which we don’t have.

My husband $4000+about $1000 in new parts if not more. And then $3000 to this mechanic who I feel didn’t do what he said and might be the reason the car isn’t working now and it has cost us $8,000 for a car that won’t run. Do you have an opinion?
Could it be this guy’s fault that it no longer will start? Or can this just happen like he says?