Aug 042012

I have a 1995 Cadillac that keeps blowing the IGN fuse, (along with no Twilight Sentinel, if headlights are on, they ding that alarm sound the whole time the lights are on, the gas gauge flashes E for empty, it’s not…. What’s wrong with the car? My mechanic wants me to get A BCM, Body Control Module… which is expensive and hard to find, is that what is wrong with the car? When I google my car’s symptoms there’s never an answer but plenty of people have this problem, what is wrong with my car? Please……

Jul 252012

My question is:  If my initial complaint was: Oil mixing w/water & running hot.  Was the issue misdiagnosed & should this be under warranty.  Here is the issue:

Estimate stated; $2700 for Head Gasket Job. I paid the $2755.65.  Receive a 12 month warranty on the repairs. Next day oil light came on… Got a $60 estimate for an oil sensor… 2 1/2 weeks later… the oil is mixing with the water again. We take it back again, this time an $1130.83 estimate for an engine cooler.. Repair shop says not related to $2700 issue thus not covered under warranty. 


Jul 212012

Can anyone direct me to a good site where I can get info, support, or guidance in a motor swap?

I am transplanting the motor and transmission from a 1992 Buick Roadmaster into a 1988 Cadillac Brougham d’Elegance. Mechanically, a straightforward swap-but I plan on transplanting the fuel injection as well.

The Cadillac currently has the 307-200r4 setup.

Jun 132012

I inherited a big Caddy that sat in a car port for six months unused. The engine is a 7 litre with a 4 bbl carb.

I put in platinum spark plugs (heard mixed reviews about that) recommended by auto zone. Gapped the plugs as suggested.

I installed new plug wires.

A mechanic rebuilt the distributor area for me.

I have to crank the pedel about six-10 times, sometimes wait a minute before she cranks.  Once she is warm, she starts right up. Even after 6 hours she will crank instantly. It is when it sits over night it is a pain.

What can I do to fix this?

Thank you!