May 302013

It was running fine tried to start it, it would not start all it would do is turn over and over. My buddy said it probably fuel pump he took air filter cover off and sprayed starter fluid in it almost started he said yep, so is it or could it be something  else he said he could not hear the pump when I turned the key on but I never could even when it did run. I don’t know what do

Mar 242012

My car is giving me problems. I’ve changed a fuel pump and filter and oil sending unit and checked the spark plugs and wires. The car starts for likes for 5 seconds and then cuts out and won’t restart unless we let it sit. What else can it be? I really need this car to get to the doctors so please help. Thank you

Dec 152011

I have a 1994 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible with a V-6 and A/C. Is there a way to increase the heater output, like changing the thermostat? It has a four speed automatic which keeps the revs low on city streets. I’ve noticed the incoming air is much warmer when the rpms are greater than 1800 but at low speeds the engine rarely gets up there. If I drive in 3rd gear the revs get up over 1800 but the fuel economy suffers. I was wondering if there was a way to increase the temperature of the incoming air.

Sep 232011

I have a 2002 chrysler sebring convertible and i am having some problems with my radio. there was a small surge i beleive when i was installing another small electrical device and when i checked my radio it looks dead. there is apr .5-.6v going through the power wire in the adapter (i beleive it to be the pink wire) and when the car is in acc or running position it reads 5+v. i have checked the fuses as well (just in case) and do not notice any of them to be blown. any help would be available to try and revive my radio