Mar 242012

My car is giving me problems. I’ve changed a fuel pump and filter and oil sending unit and checked the spark plugs and wires. The car starts for likes for 5 seconds and then cuts out and won’t restart unless we let it sit. What else can it be? I really need this car to get to the doctors so please help. Thank you

Dec 152011

I have a 1994 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible with a V-6 and A/C. Is there a way to increase the heater output, like changing the thermostat? It has a four speed automatic which keeps the revs low on city streets. I’ve noticed the incoming air is much warmer when the rpms are greater than 1800 but at low speeds the engine rarely gets up there. If I drive in 3rd gear the revs get up over 1800 but the fuel economy suffers. I was wondering if there was a way to increase the temperature of the incoming air.

Sep 232011

I have a 2002 chrysler sebring convertible and i am having some problems with my radio. there was a small surge i beleive when i was installing another small electrical device and when i checked my radio it looks dead. there is apr .5-.6v going through the power wire in the adapter (i beleive it to be the pink wire) and when the car is in acc or running position it reads 5+v. i have checked the fuses as well (just in case) and do not notice any of them to be blown. any help would be available to try and revive my radio

Sep 022011

I’m considering replacing the convertible top on my 1994 Chrysler Lebaron. It may be the original and it has a couple of leaks. I’m concerned because the last time I put the top down it went down smoothly but when I went to put it back up it momentarily hung up on one side and then closed, but not evenly. The right side, the side that hung up, took a lot of effort to close completely even after taking the adjustment out of the hook by unscrewing it as much as possible.

Here’s my question: If I decide to get it replaced will the convertible top installer take care of lubricating the frame on which the top is mounted (I think that may be all it needs) or otherwise repair it or, is a new frame included with a new top? Excuse my lack of knowledge in this area as I have never replaced a top before. My fear is that in the process of putting the top down and up to show someone for the purpose of estimating the work to be done the top will freeze up partially, rendering the vehicle undriveable. It’s the only vehicle I have.

Aug 302011

i have a car that i just posted about that is in the shop for the 3rd time for the same problem.. the place has a warranty of 12 months/ 12,000 miles.. BUT.. i am wondering if the car is still having the same exact problem that i brought it into the place the 1st time.. they have been well paid over $2,000.. if they come up with it being a different fix than what was originally fixed.. do i have to pay.. i don’t think i should have to.. they said head gasket..they fixed.. i paid.. now it’s still having the same exact problem ??

what i am really asking is.. if it turns out to be a different cause and was not the head gasket like they said and like i paid for.. i want to know if i would have to pay for something new to get fixed.. if it turns out they fixed the wrong thing??.. it’s having the same exact problem as when i 1st went to them.. and after paying them good $$ why should i have to pay again for a different fix ??

Aug 302011

I have a 1995 Chrysler Lebaron it has only 70,000 miles on it .. about a month ago i noticed the car start to shake after running some errands around then smelled like gas and white smoke came out of the tail pipe. took it to the mechanic who said it was the head gasket and replaced that with a new water pump, and timing kit..when i got it back it was fine while i ran a few stop and go errands ( about 1 hours worth ). after i got it to one of the errands and had it parked for just 1 hour and i started it up.. it shook , smelled of gas again and the white smoke.. sent it back to mechanic.. they were puzzled , but did find a small crack in some cylinder, and replaced that. i got it back home and after driving and stopping and going for about 1 1/2 hours, i brought it home. parked it and had a hunch to start it after it sat for just 1 hour.. sure enough it happened all over again..what is wrong with this car??