Oct 062014

Hello, I have no brake lights either side-all other lights work(front/rear). I wonder if car has been tampered with. Inside fuse panel in trunk- was no fuse at all in brake lamp5.7L Cavity 15! I installed new 20 amp yellow in 15 and checked brake lamp red 10 amp in Cavity 19-not broken.Still no lights. Haven’t replaced bulbs yet(3057) for brake lights.It is not typical for both sides brake light bulbs to fail at same time is it? Also,  There are black switches/relays in Cavities 24,45,46.These Cavities aren’t even listed in owners manual. I touched top of them, they were warm. I have no brake lights at rear at all-  also lock/unlock when activated on ignition key-only backup lights work used to be all lights flashed

Oct 052014

Intermitant problem (sometimes and somtimes not) with transmission not shifting since the car was purchased. Will lock in lower gear and no matter the speed traveling transmission will not allow shifting into higher gears. Transmission was replaced once. Same problem occurs. Car only has 63 thousand miles. Not high milage. Input output sensor has been changed. Electronic brain has been changed.