Apr 052014

I have a 2006 Chrysler Town & Country van with power sliding doors. The right side power sliding door will not close completely. When closing, it stops approx 6-8 inches from the door jamb and must be closed manually. Any ideas what needs to be done to correct this – Thanks,

Sep 192013

I recently took my car in for transmiision leak but they wanted too much to repair it. When I picked it up, it made a loud shrill noise when I started it but then went away after it ran. It never did that before. It is almost like there is a missing inspection cover for the trans which I don’t believe it has one. I was wondering if it could be a bad torque converter but the noise does go away after it starts.

Jul 032013

Ever since I got this 2005 T&C Minivan I have had brake problems. From the factory the right front caliper had never operated. I fixed that easily. At that time I upgraded to drilled and slotted front rotors and and ceramic pads and got good results. However after just a few thousand miles the rotor faces developed a build up of material and had to be chipped off. I thought it was the ceramic pad material so I switched back to OEM pads and got the same build up. Should I plug the drilled holes? I changed rotor suppliers and now am considering the drilled holes and slots are my problem somehow. Pumping brake dust back onto the rotor faces.