Mar 082015

I’m using a actron pocketscan cp9125. it reads po440 (evap emission control system malfunction). plus I/M monitor (catalyst & 02 snsr misfire.what does this mean? I want to take the car in for repair but want to know up front what I’m talking about

Mar 022015

Hi. I have a 2002 Sebring 2.7L. The cooling fans won’t kick on. The temp sensor seems to read fine. When I remove the fan relays, then reinsert them, the relays engage, and the fans start up, and the engine light came on. Is it a computer issue?

Feb 242015

Soo here we go..
When I start my car it idols super high at 2000rpms
It also doesn’t shift out of first or second gear one of the two and while driving the Tom’s increase a lot. I can. Only drive up to 45mph and the rpms never drop.
Even if I manually shift the gear into low 3rd or drive it doesn’t do anything. I’ve changed the input and output sensors and bought a new tcm computer just incase.
I need to know why my car won’t shift

Feb 112015

I pulled the car in. it did start and run but stalled while accelerating. now it won’t crank. It fires gets gas. I changed crank sensor, it cranked and run like a new car then died. tried to crank again and it doesnt start. What else could be my problem?

Jan 272015

The dashboard lights started flashing on and off and it is also noticeable with the headlight. I tried pushing in the button next to the odometer to reset. Four hours later I drove it and it seemed fine. This morning its doing it again and the battery light has came on. Any suggestions?