Apr 032015

my mom was driving car back home when the car just died driving down the road.the speedometer went all the way down it act like it had run out of gas.it didn’t make any noises or anything do you think the motor locked up or what

Mar 222015

car runs great shuts off let sit for day then runs great again till shuts off again usually for about 5 miles. only code I get is multiple misfire. starts and idles fine only shuts off once I start driving it.

Mar 192015

I am having a check engine problem. I am getting a service fault code of p2017 Intake manifold runner position sensor/switch circuit high bank 1. I have changed the intake manifold valve actuator but the engine light is still on.

Mar 082015

I’m using a actron pocketscan cp9125. it reads po440 (evap emission control system malfunction). plus I/M monitor (catalyst & 02 snsr misfire.what does this mean? I want to take the car in for repair but want to know up front what I’m talking about

Mar 022015

Hi. I have a 2002 Sebring 2.7L. The cooling fans won’t kick on. The temp sensor seems to read fine. When I remove the fan relays, then reinsert them, the relays engage, and the fans start up, and the engine light came on. Is it a computer issue?