Aug 272015

on the block where the bottom radiator hose hooks up there is a tiny pin hole like the one in a water pump,only its on the block and there is water coming out of it.what does this mean?

Aug 192015

bought used from dealer 3 months ago. about 2 months ago noticed odometer light flickering slightly. Now fuel gauge jumps up and down after driving a while, radio turns on and off and now the headlights are flickering slightly – like in time with the odometer lights. I don’t notice the headlight flickering while driving as it is slight – almost jittery.  PLEASE help – we are traveling 2000+ miles from home and will be on the road for  2 more weeks!

Jul 142015

the car will run for about 15 Minutes and then stall, I have 3 different people who have looked at it, some say its the alternator, 1 has said the fuel pump, and one said the cat converter, what would cause this

Jul 012015

What would cause the oil light to come on when the car is idling and go off when being driven? Oil is in the safe range and has just been change with high mileage oil since it has 143k miles.