Jun 202015

I have a problem that started one day the car was at full temp and it started running like it was at the rev limiter is the best way to describe it except it does it at idle, while driving, if I rev it up or not it’s up and down up and down It doesn’t do it when cold if I drive it around get it good and hot then it does it I’ve replaced fuel pump and all fuel lines except the ones by the tank and filled the carb appart and cleaned it and cap and rotor and I really can’t figure it out without just replacing everything until it’s fixed and I can’t afford that please help

May 282015

Close to 110,000 mi. on my car. Suddenly started misfiring in cyl. 3. Mechanic informs diagnostic test reveals that the ring needs to be replaced, as it’s allowing oil to the plug. He states that I should replace entire engine, as replacing 1 ring would mean replacing each piston and all gaskets etc. Is this correct? If oil is getting in wouldn’t there be smoke of some type? I don’t really have over 2k for a new or rebuilt engine.

May 162015

hi i have chrystler town country 2003 and i was driving and it shut off by itself and wont turn back on and the light inside wont come on as well as the radio and i took it to a mechanic they told it was he ECU so i bought a new one ans when it was pluged in the car started runin again and the we turned it off and tryed to restarded and it wont restart at all again what do you think can cause this problemm plamm i need help despretly

Apr 102015

My mother has a pt cruiser that is about 7 or 8 years old and for about the past year or so she has been experiencing a repeat problem with the spark plugs exploding. The first time she took it to the dealership and they fixed it and sent her on her way without an explanation. We didn’t think much of it until it happened again. They fixed it and told her that they weren’t sure why it happened and that maybe the last time they just probably didn’t get the shavings out from retapping. They assured her they got it that time and sent her on her way again only for it to happen again. They continue to fix it and make good on the warranty but she had it almost posted off and after she does she wants to give it to me because frankly I could use a bucket with wheels at this point. I’m not one to look a gift house in the mouth but would love y to know what I’m getting myself into. If this is something that can be fixed I can do it but I don’t have the experience to diagnose problems from the description I have been given. Worst case scenario it’s a problem that is going to cost me to much to fix and so I use it as a trade in but I do like the car and would rather keep something that is paid off rather than get suck making payments on something else that I will end up sinking more money into on top of the payments and insurance etc… please help. Patrick