Jun 092016

2006 Chrysler PT CruiserHow can you tell if your power steering and oil pan has a oil leak in it? If they have a hole in them. It is a 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser.


Checking your fluid levels and noting if the level is lower than normal would be an indication of fluid loss. You can top off the levels and check the level periodically to determine how great the fluid leak is. You can place a clean piece of cardboard under the vehicle where you normally park to access the general area an oil leak may be occurring. Once you have identified the general area you can look at that area closer. Something to remember would be that oil leaks do not travel uphill.

May 022016

2013 Chrysler 300I’m in the market for another car. A Chrysler 300 to be exact. I’m not sure about their track record for dependability, and how often and what you usually have to work on them. I’ve heard that the 2013 and newer models have very few problems. Is this fairly accurate?


The earlier model 300, Magnum and Charger were quite similar. The 2013 model is a bit different. Being only 3 years old of course there would be less issues noted as they haven’t been around as long to develop issues and may even still be under warranty. I note some safety recalls and TSB’s for the transmission and alternator for the 2013 model. Any newer vehicle with less miles should have less issues beyond manufacturer defects. It looks like there were more issues with the AWD models as apposed tot he RWD models.

Dec 262015

Our windshield wiper motor stopped working and we figured out that its because the e-clip that holds the motor in place was broken. However we’ve been trying to put on a new e-clip with no luck as they keep breaking. Is there an easy way to do this or are we using the wrong size (3/8 clip)?

Dec 232015

How do I know if my head gasket is blown the car runs fine it’s only overheated the one time but have noticed the over the last few weeks the bubbling sound coming from water reservoir and it has condensation like build up in reservoir

Dec 082015

My 2000 Chrysler LHS is giving us an intermittent start failure. Sometimes a partial engine turnover but mostly no click, no partial engine turnover, nothing. I put it on the battery charger. It drew more amps than I thought it should. Engine wouldn’t start even using the “Engine Start” feature on the charger. After two hours of what I thought was excessive charge it still wouldn’t start. I gave up and called the repair shop. They came the next day and it started right up. It’s a new battery by the way. ?!?!?