May 132015

Can the mechanic ruin the transmission when replacing the engine with a used engine? We were told the engine was shot. After replacing the engine with a used engine, the mechanic says the transmission is shot now. We had no warning that there was anything wrong with the transmission.

Apr 162015

My floor gear shifter will not shift and my gears on the dash have boxes around them with an 8 boxed on it as well. Even when I press the pink button to release the gears it still will not shift gears.It sends a code U0103 and I have tested the wires and the fuses and replaced the shifter.

Apr 152015

My car won’t start.I put new fuel filter, plugs. It has plenty of cranking power, it just won’t turn over. I also replaced start relay. I’m lost any suggestions. I’m trying to avoid bringing it to a shop thanks in advance