Sep 192013

The venting system on the AC ? heater has a mind of its own when I have the dial turned to have the air blow out the front of the dash board all it wants to do is blow out the defrost vents. I changed the check valve on the vacuum line coming off the engine but to no avail. Do you know whats wrong ? And is there any where on line where I can get a picture of a vacuum line diagram For the V-10

Jun 202013

1996 ram 1500 5.9L 26gal tank—had to replace fuel pump–ordered online to save $$–pump came with sheet listing several wiring combinations in case wiring did not match–pump has 4 leads–truck harness has 6 leads–none of wire colors on sheet match actual wire colors on truck harness–am at a  loss as to what to connect to what…

May 142013

I have a 1990 Dodge Dynasty 3.0. I drove the car around one afternoon running to some stores. Park the car that night and the next morning go to start it all it does is turn over. I check for fire on the coil with screwdriver and had fire. I sprayed starter fluid in throttle body and it act like it wanted to start. The next day I tried this. I don’t have a fuel pressure gauge so i pulled hose off the fuel filter on gas tank side and had a stream of a good size. then switch hoses to the motor side of the fuel filter and the same.I check hoses and pull spark plug wires then I went to see what the diagnostic codes was using the ignition switch. Well no light had to pull dash apart. No bulb put one in get code 12,17,26,51. I have not start the car yet. Neighbor come buy and show him what it was doing and it fired right up turned it off and on three or four times still fires up. Let it set for half an hour and then it was really hard to get started but it fired up. I hope you can help. Thank You.

Aug 122012

Here is what it dose to me.  After warming up driving once on hill starts to sputter never stalling out with gas petal to floor will get going again.  Then will start to rev up and back down again (example tact is reading 2000 will jump up to 3000 for a second then back down again will repeat this for a few mins the stop and then start back again.  Will not do this until warm and so far have to be driving to start it.  Also trans will shift in strange places (going downhill will shift down and if I am starting out going up hill will take forever to change gears.

What I have tried changed trans filter and Transmission Control Solenoid. Have checked map and manifold intake  air intake sensor and the throttle placement sensor. So far the best resolute have been with throttle placement sensor first try drove ok wanted to try second time but will not drive without it connected now. Not sure what to try next or just replace the TPS?

Apr 232012

can someone help me with timing on a 94 dodge 360 it jumped time and i replaced the timing chain i have a scanner and i got a code 11 which is about the crankshaft sensor that its not reading it when motor is cranking d0 i need to reset the sensor before the truck will start