Apr 232012

can someone help me with timing on a 94 dodge 360 it jumped time and i replaced the timing chain i have a scanner and i got a code 11 which is about the crankshaft sensor that its not reading it when motor is cranking d0 i need to reset the sensor before the truck will start

Mar 082012

i have codes that are all dealing with misfiring on 1-3-5.  i did a tuneup on it.  i light goes out, i drive it for a couple of days the light comes back on reading misfiring on a different cylinder.  it is always on that side of the cylinders.  It came on again today it reads misfiring on cylinder 3.  I have done tuneup after tuneup, change sensors, changed fuel injectors, can any one please help me.

Feb 092012

The problem is that it has been holding water pressure in the return hose for the radiator and it has been overheating. I have replaced the water pump and the thermostat. I am thinking that it may be one or both of the head gaskets but I’m not sure. would like a professionals opinion before i continue with this project. Thanks

Dec 292011

I have a 2003 Dodge Caravan v6 3.3L that has been having a few issues. First it started to hesitate while accelerating and occasionally stalling out @ stop lights. It also started getting bad gas millage during this time. That sort of went away, then a week ago the engine would shut off while driving. If I was able to get it restarted it would repeatedly shut off until I reached my destination. Now, I can drive it to work in the morning with no issues, leave it sit the whole day, then drive home (about 20min) also, with no issues. If I try to go somewhere after I get home from work, that it where the problems begin.

Dec 262011

I am having problems with overheating in my Dodge Caravan.

Problem: The temp gauge will go to halfway (which is where it normally sits) for a while but then after about 10-15 minutes (give or take 5 minutes) it will slowly (or relatively quickly) move towards hot. Sometimes it gets to hot, sometimes not and will generally stay there for a few minutes then work its way back down to normal. Today it got to hot so I pulled over and some coolant spewed out of the cap and more from the overflow container. Then after 5 minutes I checked the gauge and it had gone down to 3/4. I then started the car and made the short trip home. A couple of minutes later it was back to halfway/normal. The problem seems quite random but it does seem to be aggravated by working uphill or stuck in traffic.

The car does not appear to be losing fluid/coolant unless it gets hot and overflows. Both fans appear to be working correctly and work harder as the engine gets hotter. There does not appear to be any trace of coolant I the engine oil.

I have replaced the temperature sensor and thermostat.

Any ideas?

Nov 172011

losing antifreeze always same amount every time you drive the van and shut it off after shutting it off the antifreeze goes into the reserve tank it is filled to the top and comes out the overflow so i have to put more in instead of the radiator sucking it back in the radiator replaced thermostat,water pump fixed a hose checked for heater core its appears to be good accordingly to my mechanic heat doesn’t always put out heat plz help