Mar 272011

i have change the altineter the battery and terminals and also the belts on the altinater but i am still not getting enough power if i charge the battery then i can run the car but as soon as i shut it off thats it

Mar 032011

I have a 1999 dodge neon. Freon was just added to my car, and now with the heat off or my air conditioning on, when I drive my car the temperature gauge goes up to high until I turn the heat on.    What could be the problem and is it something that I can fix myself.

Feb 252011

tried to get Texas inspection w/ emmissions test today, they told me my on board computer is not communicating with thiers. any ideas. No, the check engine light is not on, no… I have not replaced the battery or disconnected it….or installed any new devices such as radios or anything. thank you so much