Sep 072010

I have a 1978 dodge long box that when I try to reverse it chatters real bad .The truck only has 70,000 kms  on it and the original owner said it done it since new . It is a 4 speed manual and I have checked the pinion angle put clamps on the springs changed the tranny mount and engine mounts and clutch and pressure plate . Any ideas?

Aug 082010

hi we have a 1999 dodge grand caravan 3 literthe serpentine belt went while driving home we drove it about 5 km before quit we put a new belt on and new spark plugs the van will start but won’t turn over we have an OBDII code # P2000 can you tell me what that means or what we can do to fix it

Aug 082010

I have just bought a 2002 dodge van , and noticed steering fluid in the driveway .. I checked it and it was empty, I refilled it and it was empty again this morning … I havent driven it since i noticed the leak … could it be just a hose ?

Aug 032010

I’m having a problem with my van. When I first bought the van it ran but the tranny had 6 things wrong with it and wouldn’t go above 35. It was in limp mode. Then I bought a 99 transmission because someone told me it should work. Well I got it in and now the van will start but wont stay running. The cooling fan comes on but then won’t idle. Codes for the map sensor and cooling switch come up. I’m lost now. I have no clue what to do next.  Any help would be appreciated.

Jul 262010

After the AC technician finished AC repairs and recharge, the engine 3.3L  stopped running and a gas odor came from somewhere under the vehicle. Inspection of all gas lines showed no leaks. Fuel pump came on, but no fuel pressure present at the injectors. The scan tool showed a circuit problem with the No. 1 cylinder. Fuel filter is okay as well. Still no fuel present at the injector fuel rail.

Jul 262010

I tried to start my 08 dodge caliber this morning and it made a clicking noise, I thought it would be the battery so i tried to jump it and that didn’t work either so whats wrong with it, any help starter maybe?

Jul 142010

I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan Sport, 3.3L V6 engine. I had brake repairs done, but the pedal is “firm” & hard to push and yet the van doesn’t stop as it should. I had the front pads & rotors replaced along with the rear drums, shoes, springs & one cylinder. The front calipers & master cylinder are about one year old. The emergency brake, which hadn’t worked since I bought the van, was tightened and now works. The brakes have been bled twice, and a test on the “booster” showed good pressure/vacuum readings. I am at a loss as to what to try next.