Jul 032017

Ford Escort

Engine dies when hot

Good Day -Please I need help on a 1984 Ford Escort 1.6 GLE
Car will switch off when hot and struggles to start. After a few minutes will start.  I have redone Weber carburetor, changed HT Leads, redone distributor, put on new timing belt, Timing is right, new plugs, new petrol pump, new coil, new fuel filter …. What can be the issue?

When the engine will not start is the best time to perform diagnostics. You will want to determine what you are not getting. An engine needs four things in order to run so once you figure that out you can concentrate on that area.

4 things required to make a car engine run

  1. Spark
  2. Fuel
  3. Compression – Perform a compression test
  4. Timing

Your engine runs once it starts so that rules out compression or timing as the problem. So we are left with fuel and spark to look at.  The next time it won’t start, spray some starting fluid in the air filter and see if it tries to start. If not you are most likely looking at an electrical issue related to not getting spark.

If you find it wants to run on the starting fluid you will need to concentrate on the fuel system. Check for adequate fuel pressure and carburetor float level.

Jun 262017

 Ford FocusStarter will not turn

While driving, car shut itself down, slowing to a stop, as if out of gas, which was not the case. Have not been able to restart vehicle since. The starter will not turn the engine over, even though battery is very strong (power flowing to all other systems) and there is a loud, obvious solenoid connection.

No previous indication of problem at all with the starter. Not sure if it means anything, but vehicle did strike a deer two days earlier and airbag deployed. However, car drove without issue for the entire two days between the collision and the sudden shutdown.

Any ideas?


Jun 252017

2004 Ford Explorer

Shakes the whole vehicle violently

2004 explorer 4×4, new brakes and rotors all the way around. After a short time (after replacement) when brake pedal is slightly applied, a noise comes from the rear, and literally shakes the whole vehicle violently. The noise sounds like it’s coming from RR. I took the tire off, and found a broken stabilizer link and thought maybe that was the problem. Repaired that, but it’s still doing it. Any ideas?

Sounds like a caliper is hanging up or sticking. But Since you just had new rotors put on one other thought comes to mind. If the rotors were not carefully cleaned before installation it might be the cause.

Clean brake rotor

As shown in Step 11 in our step by step brake pad installation guide, the rotors need to be cleaned before installation. There is a coating placed on the outside of the rotors to prevent rust while setting around on the shelf. If this coating is not removed it tends to gum up the brake pads and will create havoc. Noise and pulsation being the number one cause of not getting the rotors properly cleaned.

Jun 232017

Ford Escape

Blows hot air then back to cold

Turn on air conditioning blows hard cold air and after a few minutes blows hot air then back to cold after awhile.

This may be from the air conditioning system being low on Freon. You can listen for the compressor to cycle on and off. When the Freon gets lower than normal the compressor tends to cycle on and off more frequent. If this is the case, a top off may be in order.

Jun 232017

2006 Ford Taurus

Sputtering down the highway

I just bought a 2006 ford Taurus from my daughter and she said that it had been sitting for awhile. It had an 1/8th of a tank of fuel in it. I put fuel injector cleaner in it and filled it up. The car drove fine for a couple of days and now it’s sputtering down the highway?

Since the car has been sitting for a while the fuel that was left in the tank may be weak. Adding a half of tank of high octane to what is already there will help bring the octane level up. If the fuel is what is causing the sputtering then this should help. Besides, you have to put gas in it anyway so it is an inexpensive test.

The sputtering may also be caused by failing ignition components. If the check engine light is on, have the codes extracted and post them below for more details. A basic tune up may be all that is needed but make sure there are no codes first.

Jun 212017

2002 Ford Explorer

Doesn’t blow cold air

The air conditioner when you turn it on blows air it just doesn’t blow cold air like it is supposed to. My question is in this case would this most likely mean it just needs to be recharged?

In most cases yes. But the question would be why does it need recharged. There is a leak present in order for the Freon to leak out. So some shops may recommend charging the system. Then you can drive it around and see if it lasts for the entire summer or the afternoon.

I have found in most cases that replacing air conditioning compressor and all that is required with doing so takes care of 99% of all the leak issues. When the air conditioning compressor is replaced the system has to be flushed and all o-rings replaced. It is also required to replace the accumulator and orifice tube for the warranty to cover the compressor. Once all of that is done and recharged, you should be good to go.

The refrigerant system incorporates an A/C compressor controlled by an A/C cycling switch.

The A/C cycling switch senses evaporator core pressure to control A/C compressor operation.

An A/C compressor pressure relief valve is installed in the compressor manifold and tube assembly to protect the refrigerant system against excessively high refrigerant pressures.

An evaporator core orifice tube is installed in the condenser to evaporator line to meter the liquid refrigerant into the evaporator core.

Jun 202017

2003 Ford Focus

What type of shop would be best to get the cylinder head replaced?

I just had check engine light repair. I was told EGR valve is clogged, this is the 3rd EGR problem with this Focus, two previous valves were replaced. What can be done to minimize this reoccurring problem. I see repeated problems Ford SPI engine dropped valve seat-problems, can you please tell me how what type of specialty shop is best to diagnose this problem?

If it is the dropped valve-seat problem and the top end the valve seats come loose from the cylinder head and drop into the cylinder and if it’s in little chunks then they sometimes they can blow out your exhaust pipe and be okay and you just kind of it smokes and you have the cylinder head replaced. What type of shop would be best to get the cylinder head replaced since I think that is what I need. What type of machine shop would service machine shop cylinder head valve job? Since Is it better to get another engine that to have the cylinder had valve job done?

You can do it yourself if you have the tools and knowledge of taking off the head. However I do recommend sending out the head to a machine shop. Just about any local auto parts store will generally have an in house shop they use. So just get a hold of them and they can get you a price and turn around time. Depending on mileage would determine if I would replace the entire engine or not. Therefore I might even just replace the entire car.

Cylinder Head Replacement Labor Estimate

Labor Times
Comments Factory Regular Severe
DOHC 8.7 13.9 15.7
MFI 5.7 8.7 9.2
Includes: Parts transfer and adjustments.
Comments Factory Regular Severe
w/AC add 0.0 0.2 0.2

Cylinder Head Replacement 2003 Ford Focus

Jun 142017

Ford F100

Slowly heats up

I have an older pickup, it will maintain a good temp just driving through town, but if I let it sit at idol, or drive it on the highway it slowly heats up to overheating, I have changed the water pump and that seemed to slow the process but it still does it, it also has a new thermostat. No leaks that I can see, any ideas what my problem could be ?

Your Fan is no longer doing its job or the fan shroud is missing. Your vehicle may have had an aftermarket flex fan installed in place of the factory clutch fan. This situation may also occur if the thermostat is removed or stuck open.

Flex Fan

Another helpful accessory for vehicles using a belt-driven radiator fan is a flex fan. These fans are large diameter units designed to provide more airflow at low speeds, by using fan blades that have deeply cupped surfaces. The blades then flex, or flatten out, at high speed, when less cooling air is needed. These fans are far lighter in weight than stock fans, requiring less horsepower to drive them. Also, they are far quieter than stock fans. If you do decide to replace your stock fan with a flex fan, note that if your vehicle has a fan clutch, a spacer will be needed between the flex fan and water pump hub.