May 312017

2003 Ford Focus

My car wont crank. The lights and radio come on and makes a rapid clicking noise when trying to start.


Rapid Clicking Noise When Trying to Start

Your Battery is weak. The battery is not strong enough to turn the starter over but has plenty of power for the lights and radio. The radio requires as little as 5 amps to function. The starter requires as much as 250 amps. Charging or replacing the battery will be required. If the battery is close to 4 years old or older, replace it anyway. It will save you from a repeat situation.

May 192017

2011 Ford FiestaWhat are labor hours to replace transmission connector Part #AE8Z-7G276-A.

I have located the part and it appears to be a wiring harness. I do not show the hours in the labor guide. Generally electrical work is performed by the hour. However I can provide you with this. It only takes 6 hours to remove and reinstall the entire transmission. So the hours had best be well below that.

Transmission connector Part #AE8Z-7G276-A

transmission connector Part #AE8Z-7G276-A

May 122017

2006 Ford F150A day after I had the 4wheel drive actuator on the passenger side replaced. I was driving along and the front end started shaking like a tire was about to come off. By the time I pulled over it was just a steady vibration. Now when I hit any kind a bump I can feel it in the steering wheel and the pedals. I’ve put all new tires and alignment, both front wheel bearings, brakes and rotors and sway bar links on with no change. I took it to our local Ford garage where they told me everything in the front end is tight and in good working order. Please help

This is one that is just going to have to be looked at. You may want to take it to a different shop and get a new look with fresh eyes.

May 052017

2004 Ford Cargo VanVan starts shuddering when I Accelerate , has low power. Idles fine. Shudders until it shifts into passing gear, runs smooth until it drops into driving gear and then starts shuddering again. What could the problem be?

Generally has to do with the torque converter and or other internal parts sticking. Not using the manufacturers recommended transmission fluid may also cause this situation. If this started just after a transmission fluid change they may have used the wrong fluid.

What I would do first would be to have the transmission fluid flushed and filter changed. Then I would add in some “Shudder Fixx”. All you have to do is add it to the existing transmission fluid. Yes, I have done this before with great success.

May 032017

2006 Ford TaurusCheck charging system light came on while driving. Is it safe to drive?

When the check charging light comes on it indicates the battery is no longer being charged. This means the entire vehicle is now running on the battery until the battery dies. And it won’t take long to drain the battery. So is it safe to drive, not really. Could you drive it a couple miles up the road? possibly without issue but no guarantees can be made.

Apr 182017

Ford Crown Victoria

I’m getting code p0351

I’m getting code p0351 from my 2007 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor  and I’m wondering what it means and what I need to do to fix. My car drives really ruff and horrible on gas since this code appeared. Please help registration is due in June probably will not pass smog.

Ford Code P0351

Ignition Coil ‘A’ Primary/Secondary Circuit

Each ignition circuit is continuously monitored by the Engine Control Module (ECM). The test fails when the ECM does not receive a valid pulse signal from the ignition coil.

Ford Code P0351 Description

The ignition system on the vehicle uses individual ignition coils for each cylinder. The Engine Control Module (ECM) controls each ignition coil operation. The ECM sends a ON/OFF signal to energize the ignition coil to create a spark at the spark plug when a spark is required at the cylinder.

Ford Code P0351 Possible symptoms

  • Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)
  • Lack/Loss of Power
  • Engine may be harder to start
  • Engine hesitation
  • Rough engine idle
Apr 182017

1999 Ford Ranger

Looking at buying a 1999 Ford Ranger

Looking for gut reaction to this truck – Like are they ‘nightmares’ – – this Ranger is an XLT – Supercab – Stepside – 6 cyl – auto – 4×4 – – which looks to be in excellent condition inside and out – – thoughts?


I like the Ford Ranger. For the 1999 though, I would steer clear of the 4.0 SOHC engine. They are common to issues with the timing chain components failing. When the timing components start to fail you will hear a distinct knocking coming from between the engine and transmission. The knocking noise is coming from the rear timing chain guides. Expensive to repair.  Other than that, my gut reaction is go for it.

Make sure you look it over and perform a thorough inspection. You may want to review our Used car buying guide for some great tips.

Apr 182017

Ford Escape2000 Ford Escape wont start

While sitting at a stop light car quietly stalled. I have checked spark plugs, injectors functioning, engine rotating, has oil, temp Gage was normal, has plenty of gas, What could it be?

Try spraying some starting fluid in the air filter. If it starts you know it is a fuel related issue. Use the link provided to take advantage of the no start diagnostics chart. Follow the steps on the chart to help isolate the problem.