Jun 142015

Timing belt and water pump were replaced 20k ago. Water punp has slow leak under pressure. Can water pump be easily replaced without messing with the timing belt?

Jun 092015

Honda will not start. Replaced Cam and Crank shaft sensors, ignition coils, spark plugs, Main relays behind glove box, It cranks but there is no fire. Timing is set, no noise or sense of being stuck when cranking by hand. what else could it be?

Vehicle had over heated, so I bought it off the owner, come to find out they had put diesel fuel in it and drove about 60 miles before it overheated. fuel tank has been cleaned, pump still works, injectors work… all cleaned.. gas is flowing..

May 272015

Car was stalling when the clutch was pressed. Then died going down the road. Changed the distributor and coil. Checked the fuel pump. Still not starting but it turns over

May 252015

what is the name of the piece that looks like a plate and fits beteween the engine and transmission on the passenger side of my car. I had it replaced and the mechanic forgot to put the seal on it and now my car is leaking oil.

May 202015

Why is my car still running hot and idle so high up n down when in park? I have gotten a head gasket job,New water pump, hoses,cap,cooling fan, thermostat all that and it still run hot. Also one day I seen black liquid when I took off the radiator cap one day, please help I’m a woman I don’t know nothing about cars and the shop that that I took it to just keep messing it up.Please Help i’m spending more than what i paid for the car just to get it fixed. I need my car and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to fix it.

May 162015

My Honda seems to have a hard time shifting gears but it doesn’t do it all the time the longer it sits the better it does iv done a complete trans flush help ed for like three days then wood shift at all after about a week of sitting it’s fine again still has problems from second to third but driveable check engine light came on but where it sat the battery went dead and now I can’t get it to come back on

May 142015

I believe my car needs an alignment but a couple weeks ago i slightly lost control and it swerved a little bit out of no where. I think something might be wrong with the driver front wheel, maybe the axel? i don’t know much about cars unfortunately. When i turn it slightly loses control still and I’m afraid to drive it until i know the issue