Oct 072015

2007 Honda Civicair conditioner starts off blowing cold air after 10 -20 minutes it blows hot air. After turning it off for a few minutes it will blow cold again. What is the problem?

Sep 172015

Alternator, Electric power steering, Stereo, A.C. fan, Power windows all stop working individually and sometimes in groups. I can usually make them start working by turning the ignition off and back on. It happens more and more frequently and sometimes does not charge. I have replaced the battery and had the alternator tested as good. Even a bad alternator would not explain ALL the electrical demons I have encountered. HELP!!

Sep 142015

I took my 2005 Civic in for oil change and Honda adviser suggested i change timing belt and water pump due to it having 150k. I said fine.

After i got my car back i noticed the radiator reservoir was filled to top but the radiator was dry. I drove car a few blocks and noticed reservoir full again and radiator was dry. I pour more anti freeze in radiator and drove around then check next morning, same thing. I took car back in and they said i had after market cap so i bought new rad cap and i got them to check line for leaks and they said everything was fine. I get home same thing again. After the initial repair job when i start the engine it screech before starting. Wasn’t smooth like before, it started up immediately before the repair. Not sure now why it takes a while to start now and it screeches! Bad alternator?

Ive got two problems that Honda said they don’t know what happened. I suspect they either didn’t flush or got something stuck in the system or screwed something up. The adviser heard the noise when i tried to start car but he said it didn’t sound unusual, he lied. I can’t figure what causes the screeching sound.

They aren’t willing to trace back their work to figure out the problem. Usually when antifreeze is stuck in reservoir without going to radiator that would mean there’s a leak somewhere.

They told me to continue to drive it and that it won’t be a problem unless the car overheats. Well, after a week the car overheated. I have a blown head gasket. They said they didn’t cause the blown head gasket and refuse to fix it nor refund me for the shotty work they did. My car ran fine before and started showing these problems after I picked it up. I want to contest this.

Can anyone tell me if they could’ve damaged the alternator and caused the anti-freeze to be stuck in the reserve just by changing the timing belt and water pump?

Aug 102015

You may be my last resort on diagnosing & addressing this issue. At highway speeds, I get a rumbling, a wobbling that’s very noticeable, not only through the steering wheel but also to other passengers. It seems to be coming from the right side (the passenger side) though I’ve not been able to pinpoint if it’s originating from the front or the rear. Anyway, I’ve gone through the logical possibilities: the front brake rotors, the rear drums, the entire braking system; the steering rack, even close inspection of all suspension components with the car on a lift. No leaking, nothing loose. Everything looks good. I’ve also changed tires a couple of times, and had the car computerized-aligned, but all to no avail. To the eye, all the wheels spin perfectly round when the car is on the lift. But the shaking, wobbling, especially at 60mph or higher, is very disconcerting. What else might be the cause? Perhaps a broken engine mount? That might be my last thought unless you have another idea.