Aug 102015

You may be my last resort on diagnosing & addressing this issue. At highway speeds, I get a rumbling, a wobbling that’s very noticeable, not only through the steering wheel but also to other passengers. It seems to be coming from the right side (the passenger side) though I’ve not been able to pinpoint if it’s originating from the front or the rear. Anyway, I’ve gone through the logical possibilities: the front brake rotors, the rear drums, the entire braking system; the steering rack, even close inspection of all suspension components with the car on a lift. No leaking, nothing loose. Everything looks good. I’ve also changed tires a couple of times, and had the car computerized-aligned, but all to no avail. To the eye, all the wheels spin perfectly round when the car is on the lift. But the shaking, wobbling, especially at 60mph or higher, is very disconcerting. What else might be the cause? Perhaps a broken engine mount? That might be my last thought unless you have another idea.

Jul 312015

The check engine light came on last August. When we tested it, it said the catalytic converter was not working as well as it should. This surprised me because it’s a low mileage car (under 164,000 at this time) that doesn’t burn much oil. We’ve already tried resetting the check engine light to see if it was a fluke, but the light keeps coming back on with the same message.
What should I do? Does the catalytic converter really need to be replaced? or is it just a faulty sensor?

Jul 152015

Drove my Honda Civic all day yesterday with no problems. Went to get in it this morning trying to start it would not start it’s turning its just not catching. I know absolutely nothing about cars. I’m broke so any advice you could give me would be grateful

Jul 102015

My Honda accord 2007 whilst driving felt like it was going to stall, as I kept driving all the dash warning lights started to flicker and eventually the car totally died without being able to restart. Is this a battery problem or something else?

Jul 032015

Hi. I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey EX-L with approximately 215,000 miles on it. At around 170,000 miles the check engine light started flashing. When we brought the car to our repair shop they said that it looked like we had not changed our spark plugs at the normally scheduled interval and they were right. Those spark plugs were the originals and we missed the replacement timeline. Their assessment was that there was excessive carbon build up as a result and they did a full tune up and replaced all the spark plugs and cleaned as much carbon out as they could.

Afterwards, we still had the same problem where the check engine light would flash and then turn solid with occasional stints where the car would stutter and behave as if there were misfires. The diagnostic tool did confirm we had multiple random misfires that could not be attributed to any one cylinder. Over the next 30,000 miles or so we’ve been replacing as many critical parts piecemeal to see if we have the right fix to the problem. Since that time we’ve changed out:

– All fuel injectors
– All ignition coils
– Fuel pump and fuel filter
– The intake and gaskets have been cleaned several times
– Plenum gasket

Our mechanic recommends that we go for a compression test next since they don’t have the equipment for it but I want to exhaust all our options before we go to a dealer. We haven’t done anything over the past 15,000 miles as we have a temporary solution albeit an inconvenient one. It appears we can avoid the flashing check engine light if we rev the engine on start up until the vehicle warms up such that the temperature gauge is at the normal operating temperature. Sometimes we do this by driving in 3rd gear until the vehicle warms up. The funny thing though is that the vehicle runs smoothly afterwards if we can just have the car warmed up.

When we miss our timing and the check engine light comes on we just reset it by disconnecting the battery. It’s a sad existence but we refuse to give up on our Odyssey.

Incidentally we were revving the engine during cold winter mornings to warm up the car before our spark plugs gave out on us and we were wondering if that contributed to our current problem.

I’d appreciate any help you can provide in providing a fix. Thanks.