May 092016

2000 Honda CR-VNeed an engine replacement in my 2000 Honda crv ex 4 wd. What engine do I look for? How much should a used engine cost?


I recommend having a re-manufactured engine installed. The Honda CR-V came with a 2.0L engine and should be replaced with a 2.0L engine. A used engine is what you had 2 days before you found out you needed a new one.

Engine Assembly (New or Rebuilt), Replace (complete) Labor Time:

Labor Times
Comments Factory Regular Severe
0.0 12.8 12.8
Comments Factory Regular Severe
w/AC add 0.0 0.3 0.3
Replace camshaft and rocker arms  add 0.0 0.5 0.5

Engine Replacement

May 042016

2003 Honda Odysseythe power button of the heat stop working there is no heat inside my 2003 Honda Odyssey


Check the fuses and relays first. If this is a manual heat control the next thing would be to check the blower motor resister and then the blower motor itself. If this is an automatic climate controlled system, the next thing to check would be the blower power transistor. The last thing would be the control head unit. Of course all testing should be done with a fully charged battery. Use the wiring diagram provided to gain a better understanding of how the circuit works.

2003 Honda Odyssey automatic climate control wiring diagram

Apr 262016

2004 Honda Accord

2004 Honda Accord noise from power steering pump


In most cases a noise from power steering pump is caused by low fluid level. If the fluid level is low, top it off  and test. Don’t forget it may be wise to check for leaks in the system. Repair any leaks found and top off the fluid level. If the level was completely empty, repair it and then bleed the system. Top off the fluid level and start the engine. Turn the steering wheel all the way one way, hold for a second or two and then turn the other way. This will bleed the system of any air bubbles. Let set for a minute and check the fluid level. Top off if needed.

Jan 062016

Honda CRV
Just put a new exhaust on my Honda CR-V and drove it around 5 miles and the pipes were very hot. Why ???


As it turns out when metal is heated it gets hot. When hot burnt gas fumes are shoved out the exhaust pipe, the pipe gets hot. This is normal for just about any car exhaust system including the Honda CR-V. In some cases, parts of the exhaust system may become so hot that it will glow red. This can be cause from long term heavy acceleration or a RICH fuel condition. After installing new exhaust you can expect an unusual smell as it burns off any oils and such that were present. The smell will go away after a while.

Honda CR-V Exhaust system

1997-Honda CR-V exhaust diagram

Dec 182015

When the car gets warmed up after 10 to 15 minutes of driving, when you push the gas, no gas is going through to accelerate. We have changed the fuel pump and fuel filter still happens. What could be the issue.