Dec 182015

When the car gets warmed up after 10 to 15 minutes of driving, when you push the gas, no gas is going through to accelerate. We have changed the fuel pump and fuel filter still happens. What could be the issue.

Oct 072015

2007 Honda Civicair conditioner starts off blowing cold air after 10 -20 minutes it blows hot air. After turning it off for a few minutes it will blow cold again. What is the problem?

Sep 172015

Alternator, Electric power steering, Stereo, A.C. fan, Power windows all stop working individually and sometimes in groups. I can usually make them start working by turning the ignition off and back on. It happens more and more frequently and sometimes does not charge. I have replaced the battery and had the alternator tested as good. Even a bad alternator would not explain ALL the electrical demons I have encountered. HELP!!