Sep 222016

1998 Honda CivicMy friend is stuck living in her car at a Walmart parking lot. Her car died on her. She has checked everything but when she turns her key it makes a revving sound but doesn’t turn over to start the engine. Some people told her a purple mark on her fuel filter means it hasn’t been changed in awhile, could it be bad starter or just bad fuel filter like people say?


More then likely neither. If the starter was bad the engine would not spin over. If the fuel filter was bad the car wouldn’t have made it to Walmart to begin with. More than likely the timing belt has broken or the vehicle is out of fuel.

Sep 062016

2003 Honda AccordWindows still go up and down after opening door to exit vehicle. Will this run battery down overnight? The windows usually will not work after opening the door.


Probably not, but if power is also going to other places then you bet it will run the battery down. If the ignition switch is left in the “ON” position, the computer and everything else will definitely drain the battery. If you just hard wired battery power tot eh window switch, shouldn’t drain the battery unless you are operating the windows themselves. If the vehicle is all stock, sounds like a door latch failure causing the issue. Does the dome light go out when you close the door?

Power Windows System Description

Key Cylinder Operation

With the key inserted in the driver’s door key cylinder, turn the key a second time and hold within 10 seconds to operate the windows (clockwise to open, counterclockwise to close). The windows stop moving when the key is released.

NOTE: Anti-trap will not work when door key cylinder switch is used to close the windows.

Keyless Operation

By pressing the UNLOCK button of the keyless transmitter a second time and holding, the windows open. The windows stop moving when the UNLOCK button is released. The windows do not close with the LOCK button.

Anti-trap Power Window Operation

The system is composed of the power window master switch, the power window master switch and the driver’s window motor. The power window motor incorporates a pulser which generates pulses during the motor’s operation and sends the pulses to the power window control unit. As soon as the power window master switch detects no pulses from the pulser, the control unit makes the power window motor stop and reverse. This is to prevent pinching your hand or fingers during auto-up operation.


Aug 312016

2007 Honda OdessyI bought a 2007 Honda Odyssey which its fuel mileage is rated at 26 MPG on the highway, but I am only getting 20 MPG. I was able to get 24 to 26 MPG with my former car, a 2004 Honda Odyssey….. So I took my newer Honda to a mechanic and he replaced the 2 Oxygen Sensors, because he said the old ones were not opening, replaced coil on plug boot, replaced spark plugs, did a fuel system tune up, put on brand new tires, did a 4 wheel alignment and balanced the tires, and did an oil change. All at a cost of $1700. So I took the Honda on some trips on the highway and got the same… 20 MPG. I really thought that Big O Tires ripped me off, but my wife suggested that our new Honda was just sensitive to higher speeds so instead of going 65 miles per hour, I toned it down to 60 MPH and used the cruise control. Then my MPG went up to 22.5 MPG, but I still think that something is wrong. Thanks for any help on this issue. -Arnie


The air filter wasn’t replaced? Is the check engine light on? Any existing codes would be helpful to know. The fuel you put in the tank can also have a big impact on fuel mileage. Once this tank of fuel is run out try switching to a different fueling station. A problem I see often is the same fuel tanker that transports diesel fuel will transport a batch of unleaded without flushing the remnants. This causes the octane level to drop and will cause the engine to reduce ignition timing to avoid engine knock and damage to the engine. When this occurs your fuel mileage and performance suffer.


Aug 292016

1999 Honda PassportI installed a new radiator but when I climb a hill or mountain in 90 degree + heat the cooling system heats up. If I turn off the a/c and turn on the heater full it usually cools back to normal. on any other terrain other than a steep hill, it stays in the normal range with the a/c on. It doesn’t leak or use any water (no leaks). Only in hot weather and on an incline.


No more hills for you, Just kidding. Sounds like the thermostat may be sticking open a bit. When this happens the coolant doesn’t stay in the radiator long enough to cool under stressful conditions such as heavy acceleration or climbing hills.

Jul 152016

I was parking and a rock dented my cars front bumper … how bad is the damage, and how much would it be to fix it?
Front Bumper 1998 Honda Accord


Looks like a BIG rock! Damage doesn’t look that bad as long as nothing is leaking. Replacing the bumper cover would be required for visual appeal. The vehicle should be able to be driven without issue.

Here is a replacement front bumper for less than $100 with free shipping For a 1998 Honda Accord Sedan. Follow image for more Details…

Evan-Fischer Bumper Cover is an affordable replacement product for your restoration needs; this is an OE comparable item, manufactured in accordance to industry standards to ensure product durability and reliability. A high-quality bumper cover will not only reinforce the protective function of the bumper, but it will also enhance the appeal of the vehicle. All Evan-Fischer products are covered by 1-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty.

Having it painted to match should cost a couple hundred and maybe another hundred to have it installed or you can do it yourself.

Front Bumper Replacement

Jul 152016

2003 Honda Jazzhi, i drive an Honda jazz 2003 1.4 and it was running perfectly, the other day i ran the battery down (completely) then took the battery to the garage and got it charged properly and I'm 100% sure theres over 12.45 V currently in there, but for some reason the car won't turn over when i put the key in the ignition, it turns fine and the hazard lights and the horn works fine and the fuses look good also, however nothing else does, please can you help me before i have to pay loads of money which i don't have


Most likely the main power fuse is blown. Was the battery load tested. In most cases when a battery is run completely flat, they are damaged. If you tried to jump start it, you probably blew the main fuse. Lights and radio require low amperage as the starter may require a great deal and not function. The battery may read over 12 volts setting still but under load may drop well below the usable threshold.

I use a Battery load tester like this one.

Jul 112016

2004 Honda CR-VReplaced left front ½ axle and ball joint. Now during reassemble, I can’t get the ball joint ‘stem’ back into lower control arm ‘hole’. The strut moves outward (to side) as I jack brake assembly up. YouTube vids show guys doing this without much trouble.. I used a cable winch to pull strut inwards (towards engine) Not too successful, looks like I’m doing something wrong..shouldn’t need massive force. FYI, I removed torsion rod, but not the steering control arm.


Something is binding. It sounds like you may not have gotten the new axle seated all the way in. Either in the transmission or in the hub bearing. Should not need a jack on the brake assembly to get it into the lower control arm. You should have the car supported on jack stands, then jack up the control arm into place.

2004 Honda CR-V Axle shaft installation

Jun 242016

2002 Honda AccordOil light flashing but I see no leaks in driveway


If there are no other symptoms, the most likely reason would be an oil pressure sensor failing. Have it replaced and all should be well once more. However if the oil level is low, top it off and see if it stops. If there is a knocking noise, this would indicate a failed oil pump.


Jun 202016

2005 Honda AccordHi
Does Parking Reverse on a incline driveway affects your car Engine, compared to Parking regularly on a inclined driveway?


If you use Synthetic oil in the engine, then no. Synthetic engine oil leaves a coat of oil on everything so it has lubrication on initial start up. If you where to use regular oil and parked backward on the incline the oil in the oil pan would not be as accessible to the oil pick up tube. The oil would be more accessible if the car where parked forward on the incline.

Jun 082016

IMA Battery Honda Civic HybridThe IMA and 12v battery warning signals have been on for a week on my 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid. My mechanic says the IMA battery is failing or failed. What is the risk of driving the car in this condition? The 12 v battery seems fine.


It would seem this is a common issue with the Honda and the dealers are able to take care of the problem under warranty even if the car is out of warranty.Usually warrantied until 160,000 miles.  You risk poor acceleration or worse if you continue to drive it.

Apparently Honda has become much more lenient when it comes to the IMA battery replacements. My service advisor said that they are doing about 2-3 Civic Hybrid battery pack replacements per day. He told me that Honda has been approving almost all of the repair requests, even if the car is out of warranty, as long as the IMA light is on. But remember, the latest software update does a great job of keeping that light off well past the point where the battery should have been replaced. My service advisor said me only car that wasn’t approved for a warranty repair had 200,000 miles on it, was on its third owner, and had a salvage title. Sounds reasonable.