Mar 092015

If the tire pressure in my car is low, Is it possible to put a hole in the transmission case by going over railroad tracks, potholes or speed bumps(as a reasonable speed)? I didn’t run over anything other then that, that I can think of. Any other causes for this to happen?

Mar 052015

I have a 98 civic manual. My car seems to shake and turn off on me when i shift gears. When i put it in neutral my car wont shut down on me. I also notice that when i turn on the AC it starts to shake even if it is in neutral and it shuts down.

Feb 182015

i have a 91 honda accord it starts but when i try to drive it i have to hold the gas to make it go and when i stop i have to do it again

Feb 132015

My friend..a mechanic cleaned the spark plugs..distributer cap and rotor ran for a few minutes and died.. it turns over but won’t start…could it just need to have new plugs.plug wires..distributed cap and button replaced or what else could cause this problem

Feb 122015 vehicle seem to be stuck in 2nd gear. its an automatic and when i drive it it takes of well with small shudders and the rev counter goes 5000 at 60km/h and when release the accelarator the revs stay that high for a couples of seconds then drop. No check lights on the dash. Diagonisis shows all clear. i have changed the ATF with the recommended CVT but no avail. A gearbox “expert” opened it up,serviced it and said the gearbox is fine(his words) but the problem hasnt gone away. Funny enough when i put it in drive whilst all wheels are suspended it seems to be ok as the speedo goes 120km/h at 3000rpm. please advise on what to do

Feb 072015

I had a suspension coil replaced at a garage. when I picked up the car he said that he’d noticed my car was slow to pull off but that he sorted it. I hadn’t noticed that but said nothing. Since then my car is running 1rpm higher even at rest and the econo drive is not kicking in. Before he had it, the econo was kicking in all the time and I had great fuel efficiency. Now my car is gobbling up petrol, sounds like its working hard and no econo. Does anyone know What did he do and how can I get it put back the way it was? Thank you!

Jan 202015

When driving my car lately doing 80 the rpm is at 4000. I’ve done 100 in this car without taching that high. Could it possibly just need a tune up?