Feb 122015

hie..my vehicle seem to be stuck in 2nd gear. its an automatic and when i drive it it takes of well with small shudders and the rev counter goes 5000 at 60km/h and when release the accelarator the revs stay that high for a couples of seconds then drop. No check lights on the dash. Diagonisis shows all clear. i have changed the ATF with the recommended CVT but no avail. A gearbox “expert” opened it up,serviced it and said the gearbox is fine(his words) but the problem hasnt gone away. Funny enough when i put it in drive whilst all wheels are suspended it seems to be ok as the speedo goes 120km/h at 3000rpm. please advise on what to do

Feb 072015

I had a suspension coil replaced at a garage. when I picked up the car he said that he’d noticed my car was slow to pull off but that he sorted it. I hadn’t noticed that but said nothing. Since then my car is running 1rpm higher even at rest and the econo drive is not kicking in. Before he had it, the econo was kicking in all the time and I had great fuel efficiency. Now my car is gobbling up petrol, sounds like its working hard and no econo. Does anyone know What did he do and how can I get it put back the way it was? Thank you!

Jan 202015

When driving my car lately doing 80 the rpm is at 4000. I’ve done 100 in this car without taching that high. Could it possibly just need a tune up?

Nov 062014

I live in Ga. My car has 78,000 miles on it. Recently the Vcm has been more noticeable kicking in and out. I have Also been burning more oil. I was using Motorcraft synblend 5w-20 motor oil.
Recently it was recommended to try Mobile 1, 0w-40 European Formula engine oil.

I have just done a 500 mile road trip with the Mobile 1. The VCM seems much more consistent and the engine is smooth and quiet and mpg is unchanged.

I like the way it runs. Am I making a mistake with this oil in my car?

Thanks in advance.

Oct 242014

I just bought this car and found that the distributor was modified to be adjusted and locked far more advanced than normal. Did they modify the ECU in this case? I replaced the distributor with new unit TD43U and upon installation and testing the car did not start. After fixing back the one i removed (modified), the car did not start either. What is wrong and what do you recommend?

Oct 072014

I have a 1999 Honda Accord. Yesterday, as I was running errands, the car would not start right away when turning the key. It would click, then after a few tries it would start. This morning, I can’t get it to turn over. A few weeks ago, as screw came loose from the gear shifter and the vinyl handle has been loose, so I’m wondering if this has something to do with it. Battery is fully charged and car has plenty of gas. Thanks!

Sep 122014

I have a brakes sticking on the front passenger side when the car gets to operating temperature. I have replaced the caliper, hose, and pads. I even unplugged the ABS. It is still sticking after everything I’ve done. Can someone help me diagnose this? Thanks for any help