Nov 062014

I live in Ga. My car has 78,000 miles on it. Recently the Vcm has been more noticeable kicking in and out. I have Also been burning more oil. I was using Motorcraft synblend 5w-20 motor oil.
Recently it was recommended to try Mobile 1, 0w-40 European Formula engine oil.

I have just done a 500 mile road trip with the Mobile 1. The VCM seems much more consistent and the engine is smooth and quiet and mpg is unchanged.

I like the way it runs. Am I making a mistake with this oil in my car?

Thanks in advance.

Oct 242014

I just bought this car and found that the distributor was modified to be adjusted and locked far more advanced than normal. Did they modify the ECU in this case? I replaced the distributor with new unit TD43U and upon installation and testing the car did not start. After fixing back the one i removed (modified), the car did not start either. What is wrong and what do you recommend?

Oct 072014

I have a 1999 Honda Accord. Yesterday, as I was running errands, the car would not start right away when turning the key. It would click, then after a few tries it would start. This morning, I can’t get it to turn over. A few weeks ago, as screw came loose from the gear shifter and the vinyl handle has been loose, so I’m wondering if this has something to do with it. Battery is fully charged and car has plenty of gas. Thanks!

Sep 122014

I have a brakes sticking on the front passenger side when the car gets to operating temperature. I have replaced the caliper, hose, and pads. I even unplugged the ABS. It is still sticking after everything I’ve done. Can someone help me diagnose this? Thanks for any help

Sep 102014

Hello, I have a 2001 Honda Odyssey. In July I replaced the 2nd gear shift sensor, the transmission range switch and the EGR valve as well as cleaning all to the carbon build up from the manifold and the EGR port. My van had been running really well until about a week ago. Now I am having trouble with my transmission shifting.  I am able to back up with no issue but when I put it in to drive it sits for a bit before it will shift into drive. I can feel when it does shift and I know I can go. But then as I drive it will jerk a bit and then run smooth. If I have to slow down or stop and then accelerate again it will hesitate before going into gear. I can push the gas and the RPMs will go up and then shift hard into gear. My check engine light is on and the TCS light comes on and off. It is throwing the code P0705 that I had a short in the Transmission Range Switch. When I replaced this part in July I did replace it with a used part as I could not afford a new one. Will this cause issues with the transmission while driving or only when selecting gears? If I replace with a brand new part might it fix the problem?

Sep 012014

With battery fully charged my 1996 Honda accord turns on but when i turn the lights on there is a ticking sound under the glove box. I turn off the car and when turning it right back on the battery is drained the lights go dim and it will not start.

Aug 272014

My honda needs a new engine, I brought it in to the garage and they told me that I needed a new one after one day, how long do you think it will take them to get the replacement engine and replace it? How many more days do you think it will be until I can pick up my car?