Aug 272013

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i have a 1998 honda passport and was experiencing gear slippage. i thought it was the transmission ,so i went to the junk yard and got a used one and installed it. when i started the car after the repair and went to shift into gear nothing happened (no movement). oh let me also add when in park or neutral rpms dropped a little or should i say when in gear (such as drive) rpms increased a little bit, which should happen the other way around, such as when shifting from park to drive , rpms should decrease , but im getting the opposite.also as i said before i have no gears at all. please help. thank you.

May 032013

Hi I broke the drivers side window (GLASS) and cannot afford to pay for a NEW one, so I am trying to get 1 from pull-a-part , but they don’t have my make/model car. I need to know if any other make/model car has a compatible part, and if so what make/model? ¬†Thanks, Ashley

Feb 252013

my passanger side front cv shaft has alot of play in it, where it goes into the transmission. i replaced the cv shaft but it is still has play in it and it pops out of place even after i made sure it locked into the transmission. is my transmission bad or is it a bearing or is my cv shaft bad?

Nov 062012

Sometimes when I drive down the road, the engine to my Honda Civic will shut down completely and I have to re-start my car. I will hear a faint click, then the engine just goes off. If I have my lights on, the lights do not go out when the engine goes off. At times I will have to coast to the side of the road, press in the clutch & re-start my car and I continue on. There are also times when I try to re-start, I get the same grinding sound as if I were trying to start my car when the engine is running. It always re-starts, whether it is after one try or after 3 to 4 attempts.