Nov 072015

2001 Jeep Cherokee
Passenger side park lights stopped working. All other lights…turn signals, brake lights, headlamps, dash lights, interior lights all still work. Whats the problem, and how can i fix this?

Nov 052015

I have a 97 jeep wrangler that was built in November so I think the motor is a 98. ok the problem is after about 20 min of driving it acts like its chocking out and dies. after a few minuets it will start but just idle. when it is cooled off completely like the next day it will run for 20 min. or so and do it all over again. I have replaced the sensor under the distributor cap and the crankshaft sensor but it still dose it.
1998 Jeep Wrangler

Oct 252015

My coolant is brown. I’ve had the Jeep for about 3 months but it sat for a couple of years before that. Is there a chance the coolant is just old, stale, dirty….. or is it definitely a head gasket problem?
1997 Jeep TJ

Oct 032015

Recently bought an 88′ Cherokee XJ with a 4.0. When I went to go see it wouldn’t start. But after unplugging and re connecting the CPS it ran but really roughly. Idles low at around 200-300 rpms. Replaced the tps, cleaned throttle body and IAC, replaced lower O2 with the upstream on order and installing soon (was pretty nasty). Also have a MAP sensor just installed as well. Replaced the dreaded CPS and still no major improvement. The valve cover gasket looks like it needs to be replaced. When I rev it up then let off the gas it usually kills it but will start back up and continue to idle roughly. Also replaced fuel filter. I’ve done some slight adjustments to tps but it really only either cranks rpms up to 2500-3000 rpms at idle until I kill it, comes close to killing it or has it idle like usual. Any ideas on would be greatly appreciated. I’ve done a lot of research but so far efforts have not seen any real results. PO installed tps so maybe I needs to be correctly adjusted with multi meter?

Sep 142015

I have this jeep Cherokee and before we changed the oil on it was fine but we just changed the oil and it started to make a weird sound like if it was coming from the muffler. Would you happen to know what it could be?

Sep 092015

I recently replaced the upper radiator hose, thermostat, and heat sensor, now the new upper radiator hose is being sucked flat, what do I need to check to resolve the issue?

Aug 182015

yesterday my car lost gears 4-6 in “D” mode, i was able to drive using manual 1-6. later on the car had no issues, should i have this checked out anyway?

Aug 132015

I hit a hole and popped the bolts that hold the power steering box to the frame loose and now the jeep wont turn left could the bolts being out be the reason it won’t turn left or is it something else please help me this is urgent I’m without a vehicle until I find this out