May 302015

my jeep just started bucking at highway speeds like a hiccup its also stalled on me at red lights and stop check engine light usually stays on but before it starts to hiccup the check engine light goes off. im not sure what the issue could be help please

May 262015

Hi, I have an electrical question. During normal daytime operation the odometer and overhead vehicle information center is lit up. When I turn on the headlights or running lights these go out and the instrument panel is not lit as it should be either. Is this a fuse issue or is there a wiring issue? I must tell you that recently I low pressure washed the engine compartment. This is when I noticed the problem. Maybe a better question is, where should I look to try and fix it, fuse/wiring?

Thanks So Much!

May 262015

Yesterday there was a huge hellstorm the car stay parked until this morning. when I went out to start it I unlocked the car. it unlocked. I put the key in t

he ignition turned it slightly all the lights came on then when I tried to start it it wouldn’t start turn the key off. And the gauges started jumping. The i heardbeeping sound came from down by the pedal under the steering wheel when I push the brake to try to stop the beeping sound the gauges continued to jump then I tried to start the car again it wouldn’t start. after we gave up on trying to start it we tried to lock the car with the keys it wouldnt lock or unlock what could be wrong why won’t the engine start

May 012015

I had my oil changed about a month ago. The mechanic said that the noise I was hearing on the front drivers side was a leaking seal. He said that eventually I would have to replace the bearing. I am trying to figure out if this is the wheel bearing or the axle shaft bearing.

Apr 252015

OK I’m not asking this question for my self I’m asking for my boyfriend he has a 1996 jeep Cherokee country 4.0 yesterday we filled the tank up full for the first time (by the way we just bought the jeep from another person and we have had it for about 2 weeks) and after we put the gas in we drove about 10-15 miles got home and had not turned the jeep off yet because we were gonna leave again and now it won’t start again its almost like its not getting fuel to the engine and the gas seems like its a cloud color please help he needs to get to his first day of work at his new job tomorrow

Apr 192015

I have a drain on my battery with key off, my tester only goes to 150ma so I can’t tell how much drain it has. The drain is from the ADS fuse, Radio fuse, and the Accessory fuse 2 in the power dist. control under the hood. Pulling all three fuses drops the drain to 30ma, putting only one of the three will push my gauge over max The fuse box inside the car made no difference pulling one fuse at a time.

Apr 182015

Occasionally, when I start the car, the horn beeps once, the bright lights come on, the fog lamps come on, and the windshield wipers and turn signals don’t work. The display reads “programming active”. Also, twice in the past, I have had to have the vehicle towed to the dealer because of a “damaged key”. Once it happened while I was actually driving\ the car. It stalled when I was waiting for a traffic light, and the “damaged key”message came on and I had to have it towed in!