Mar 172015

Hey I have a 2006 Jeep Wrangler 4cyl and my timing belt blew. My dad said he can hand crank the engine but my mechanic said if it’s not 0 tolerance then the engine could be bad. I was only going probably about 20 mph or going into 3rd gear. My question is would the engine still be good? My jeep turned off as soon as the timing belt blew.

Mar 132015

I have a 2003 Grand Cherokee and for 3 months it has just been stored on a yard at work, I wanted to take it for its MOT just next door to the yard and then sell it. When I went to start it the battery was flat (battery only 7 months old) so I tried to jump start it from my daughters ford fiesta using my heavy duty jump leads, but the jeep was having none of it. So i went next door to the garage and asked them to come with their jump starter pack, they sent their young lad bradley. When Bradley saw the Jeep he said he should have brought the bigger pack as he only had with him a small one. He tried the small jump start pack but it didnt work at starting the Jeep, then he had an ‘idea’ he connected the heavy duty jump leads of mine to the fiesta and then the Jeep, then he attached his battery charging, jump starting pack to the heavy duty jump leads of mine and when he turned it all on there was a bang and loads of smoke coming out of the engine, the leads from the battery exploded and the lad was blowing furiously at the smoking part to the right of the battery. They charged me for a new battery, did the MOT and when I drove it home the dash board started spazzing out all the lights were coming on and off, the car lost power, the lights went dim and i pulled over to restart the car and the NEW battery was flat. The garage denied that Bradley attaching both jump lead and power pack to the battery caused any problem, he said this ‘ the leads smoked because it is such a large draw on the leads’….what do you think?

Mar 102015

It will stall out a few times in drive but start right back up and continue to do this.
It also will stall in reverse. It will also pull and shudder when playing the gas then vibrates inbetween

Mar 012015

I’m installing after market led turn signal light strips that have the switchback capability which turns amber color when the turn signal is initiated and then goes back the normal drl’s after.they work normally fine when the car is off but the car turns on they start to hyperf flash … I’ve heard it’s because of the cold diagnostic system but how do I bypass this

Feb 212015

I think that I am having some problems with my ABS system. When I slow down, it handles like I need a alignment in my car. It vibrates and pulls to the right. I just recently within the last 4 months or so had the whole system redone by the dealer and new brakes on front and new tires. so not sure why I am having all these noises and the shaking in the steering wheel and the body.

Feb 112015

I have little to no power under 2,000rpms but from 2,500+ rpms drives fine (no idle issues or misfiring). I got a code P0123 yesterday. Check the TPS – the output on TP Sen 1 was good ( 0.5 – 4.7 v) but checked TP Sen 2 – I got no readings. Is this normal? I can not find anything on the ‘proper’ reading.

Feb 112015

OK so my sister hooked some jumper cables up backwards on my jeep yesterday. we replaced the battery with a new one but my jeep wont start it cranks none of the gauges work and there is a symbol on the dash of a key with a slash through it there is also a noise coming from the fuse box under the hood from number 38 but don’t know what this fuse or relay goes to