Jun 302014

I replaced the valve cover gasket went to start and it turns over but will not start, I have since replaced spark plugs and wires distributor cap crankshaft sensor coil and right now the throttle cable still nothing its getting spark and gas yet the only way i can get it to start is to spray either into it.

May 072014

The wet road sign on the dash board comes on sometime even when the roads are dry. Then it slows the jeep down to about 30 miles it seem like the jeep is running out of gas. Very scary especially after I’ve been driving on the highway do 65 per mile. Also my seat belt light stays on

Mar 302014

When I bought the truck it had way to a small tires on it. On the right side passenger front I get a vibration and sometimes a back and forth shake only on that side. The tire man told me I had damage on the wall of that tire. The front end man told me I had nothing wrong with the front end. I replaced the damaged tire and the vibration and the shake got better but did not go away. Do you think the small tires could be doing this only on the one side. The tires on it are 195 60 15 it calls for on the door 215 75 15. I could not afford to get all four tires at once. But a friend of mine has 225 70 15 that she will give me would those tires be OK and do you think it is the tires or should I be looking in another direction. What is your suggestion? Thank you

Feb 162014

Sometimes when I start my Jeep and take off the speedometer will bounce from my actual speed to 100 and back a couple of times and start jerking very hard. After a minute or so it will clear up and run fine. It especially does it in very cold weather even if I let it warm up for 10 or 15 minutes. I’ve wiggled the 3 plugs connected to the ECM and it won’t do it anymore for a few weeks but when it gets cold again it will start doing it again.