Feb 112015

I have little to no power under 2,000rpms but from 2,500+ rpms drives fine (no idle issues or misfiring). I got a code P0123 yesterday. Check the TPS – the output on TP Sen 1 was good ( 0.5 – 4.7 v) but checked TP Sen 2 – I got no readings. Is this normal? I can not find anything on the ‘proper’ reading.

Feb 112015

OK so my sister hooked some jumper cables up backwards on my jeep yesterday. we replaced the battery with a new one but my jeep wont start it cranks none of the gauges work and there is a symbol on the dash of a key with a slash through it there is also a noise coming from the fuse box under the hood from number 38 but don’t know what this fuse or relay goes to

Feb 072015

i have a check engine light on and i cant get rid of it . I took it to auto zone and they did a scan on it and it was 3 codes.
1 P0420 2. PO351 3. PO108
ok oxygen sensor, map sensor, and coil i replaced all 3 and then went back and he reset the codes and i was ok for 1 day and they r back.
then i went back up to auto zone and he scaned it and bam they r back then he said just drive it for 2 days maybe computer will reset this was december 2014 i am lost here . so i called a dealership they said u might need a new computer at 750 bucks . Help and oh by the way the jeep has a bad stalling problem with a bad moldy foul smell when he stalls i let it sit a while and it runs badly//

Jan 172015

Transmission does not want to shift from 2nd to 3rd. It will finally shift after a few seconds if I let off the gas pedal at about 40 mph. Then it will shift into O/D okay. No engine light, no error codes.

Jan 082015

I have replaced my master slave cylinder with a pre bled unit and yet my clutch still wont disengauge this is a new clutch about 15 000 miles on it so the two cylinders I replaced were only 15000 miles as well what else could it be  this is what happened prior when I had the whole clutch replaced  is this gonna happen every 15 thousand miles ?


I seen a service bulleton about putting two washers on the pivot point