Nov 192013

Just had the rear main seal replaced (dropped oil pan instead of removing trans). It is now leaking twice as much oil as before…what could be the possible causes ? Does it need to be replaced again? Also, if the mechanic didn’t torque anything to spec, or even use a torque wrench (goes by “feel & experience”) could that affect the outcome?

Aug 142013

If a car slightly brushed against my right back flare and my bumper, not hard enough to dent anything or break anything, except for my Jeep’s bumper is slightly to the left less than a quarter inch. Does that mean that my frame is also shifted? Is it safe to drive?

Nov 182012

my transmission lines busted yesterday and afterwards i tried to start vehicle, the ignition wont turn over and cannot push gear shift knob in to move into another gear, yes i applied the brake while performing these actions.

Sep 262012

I just replaced the steering column in my 94 jeep cherokee 4×4, and somewhere in the process my brand new battery died. I left it plugged in on the negative side but disconnected the positive cable while I was working. After trying to start the car I tried jumping it, and the car just wouldn’t take any juice, lights stayed dim, etc. I checked all the connections to the column themselves; they were intact, did a brief check of the fuse box, everything looked good. I don’t have a DMM so I can’t test the battery myself, but I can’t see what would be wrong with it unless leaving the neg. cable connected for a while would drain/ruin it.

Sep 202012

I have a 1994 jeep Cherokee Sport inline6 4.0L. I have changed the serpintine belt, radiator, secondary radiator fan, radiator hoses. Still leaking coolant from freeze plug on driver side but not enough to loose all the coolant. After filling with coolant I drive it and it overheats after about 3 miles stop and go city driving. Only options left I assume thermostat and water pump. What one do I check 1st?

Aug 292012

I made an attempt to replace my fuel filter but could not get the lines disconnected.  I did get one line disconnected on the side with two lines facing towards the engine.  Do I need a special tool to disconnect?  I tried with both hands and could not do it.  I read where you must depressurize first, I removed the 20 amp fuse for the fuel pump and turned the engine over until it would not start, disconnected the negative batter terminal and opened the fuel door & cap.  I sure would like to do this myself and save a few bucks.  If it makes a difference this is the 4.0 inline 6.  Thanks for any input.

Apr 132012

my 01 jeep grand cherokee laredo is misfiring.  My mechanic replaced the ignition coil and said it was fixed.  Next day, happened again.  Brought it back, he replaced something else, said it was fixed, next day, happened again.  Brought it to another mechanic, and it’s been there a  month and he cant figure out what’s wrong with it.  Any suggestions, or anyone had similiar problems and was and how was it fixed?  HEEEELP