Nov 192011

my 2002 jeep liberty sport wont start up every single time i get gas it just cranks for like ten minutes and i eventualy just hold the gas while cranking till it turns over then i have to drive for 5 minutes without stoping or it will turn off. what could cause this?

Sep 072011


I have a Mahindra jeep and I want to modify it… I want to make it very nice e.g. 4*4…double silencer, power break, power staring… fully loaded weapon,4 to 5 halogen light, double no’s…and etc ,,,please  sir suggest me some one or some place near to me where I will full fill my dream…I leave in bhilwara[rajasthan]…

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Please sir helps me……..!!!!!!

Jul 042011

my 1996 jeep grande cherokee limited 5.2 v8 overheats when i turn the a/c on. it boils out of the the reserve tank when i turn the vehicle off. I replaced the relay, radiator , water pump , serpentine belt , thermostat and the fuse. still does it. I don’t think its the fan clutch. ( it has some tension when I spin it ). Any idea’s, I am lost. can you help!!!!!!!

Jun 162011

I have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2L V-8, about 253K miles.  Used oil analysis is showing very high nickel (24 ppm in oil used for 3270 miles).  A previous test done 61k miles earlier was high but not critical (11 ppm in 2045 miles).  Both tests show very low levels of other wear metals, well in the normal range.  Does anybody know what parts in this engine may be coated with or plated with nickel that might be wearing out?

May 162011

I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee Jeep 2WD.  I had my “check engine light” looked at by a car repair shop. They told me that I had an Evap code of P0043.  The mechanic said that the price would be around $300 to replace canisters, etc. Is this a good price? and what are the problems that this could cause with my car if it is not taken care of?

Apr 302011

hello,my problems with my 4 cyl efi auto 1600cc  jeep is about 50-60m into accelerating up an incline, say 10deg,i start to loose engine power.the harder i push on the pedal, the worse it gets till i almost stall i back off and the jeep slowly finds its way.sometimes if i keep the pedal pushed down,the jeep will suddenly take off as if i went from 2 cyl to 4 cyl.

the other problem is when  cruising at 100kmh the jeep normally sits on about 3200rpm.if i back off to say 90kmh,the jeep will downshift and rpms shoot up to about 3500rpm and then it feels as though its trying to find the right gear.another words,i cant stay at a constant 90kmh without the tack and engine sound going up and down.the jeep is a daihatsu rocky 1994.please help