Mar 182011

I have a 2003 jeep grand cherake it turns fine to the left but if you are stopped or moveing slow it will not turn very good at all to the right its almost like there is no power steering, I have changed the power steering pump and it did not make a difference. if it is jacked up with the front tires off the ground it turns fine either way.

Feb 132011

I have an “05” Jeep Wrangler, I would like to put larger tires on it 1 maybe 2 sizes bigger, with a 1-2 inch suspention lift. How will this affect my MPG? Will it have an affect on the drive line (i.e.: drive shaft yolk, Rear, Transmission)? What are the pros and cons?

Jan 112011

To engage the four wheel drive I have to unplug the outer vacume line on the axle shift motor, then plug it back in. What is my problem? Is it the shift motor or something else? I have to do this in low or high 4wheel. Thanks, Big E

Dec 072010

I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee that is well taken care of. I change the oil every 5,000 miles but recently my oil light came on. I checked the oil level and its fine. It is also running very cold. it usually runs around 210 degrees but its barely even moving over 100 now and the really weird thing is if i let it set and idle it will warm up to normal but then when i start driving it cools back down to right above 100 no matter how long i drive. I have no idea what is going on so if anyone could help…. thanks

Aug 282010

My brakes make a horrible a screeching noise with light pressure on the brake. They’ve been inspected several times and I ‘m told my brakes are fine. I’m told the thickness of the brake pads is fine. They’ve blown off “dust” which didn’t improve anything. I’m told they can cut the rotor but you can only get one cut from a rotor. I can have new brakes installed but if I’m told my brakes are fine…why would I have new ones put on? I’m at a loss on how to remedy this situation. This is a new vehicle. Brake noise started at 8,000 miles. It’s a 2009 JEEP Grand Cherokee.