Jul 252010

i have pumped up pressure to high end and low end of the system with nitrogin and cant hear or see leak. i did try to fill system with refridgerant first and it leaked out in a day and a half so it has a big leak but i am so boggled by this. do you have any advice for me

Jul 122010

I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4×4 4.0 liter that suddenly stopped running while I was driving. When it first started it would stutter and not pick up speed. I would have to restart the engine. I changed the fuel filter but this haven’t done any good. Now it constantly kills after a while.

Jun 032010

jeep liberty

Have you heard of blowing your rear end due to  driving with a different tire. I had put my spare tire on 3 days earlier due to a flat that could not be repaired, the  spare was an all season, other 3 are mud and snow. The wheel base was the same, just 1.5 inches difference to wear and tare on tires and different type. (I was waiting for a replacement tire that was on order.) The mechanic at chrysler is telling me this is the reason the back end went. (Too top it off, my mileage is at 102,000 and the warranty was to 100,000.)

Now that i have my new tire, the mechanic says  it is still 1/2 larger and the other tires should be replaced . Is it possible to  blow the rear end again?…or is the mechanic covering his warranty by telling me this is the cause of the rear diff major damage…r/r complete assembly replaced.

May 052010

’01 wrangler 4.0 manual master cyl. / slave problem

Mechanic replaced mast.cyl. , slave & line component and 1st test drive car ran perfect. 2nd test, clutch wouldn’t disengage. Unit was bled and it ran perfect on 3rd test, but on 4th test same disengagement problem !!!!!!! Mech. Says it must be the clutch !!!

Question is : Can any clutch component part ie clutch, cover, throwout bearing be bad and perform fine as in test drives 1 & 3 ?????? Or am i’m being hosed by the mechanic ??????

Thanks for any help on this !!!!!!!!!

Ps: Only 93k mi. And never had any clutch problems before

Feb 142010

I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee v6 automotic. Car would not start, tried boost, worked, but when I put it in reverse it stopped.  Battery charge checked out ok. Boosted again to start and ran for 1/2 hour. When I turn it off it will not start again without a boost.  Cleaned battery terminals, still same probelm. Any idea? bad starter?

Jan 132010

2000.Jeep GC
Dash going crazy! Occasionally all dash lights come on and all guages stop working. When thid happems power windows & locks also stop working. Also recently my interior lights came on and fuse had to be removed to turn them off! System hooked up to machine which gave code / error P1698. Key on/off sequence shows code/errors P1281, P1686, P1687, P1698 DONE on odometer. I’ve looked at what these codes mean, but am clueless as to what these definitions mean!
Also heated seats no longer work although the power switch does lite up indicating power. Check guages lite did remain on at all times sincr problem started, but now only comes on with other dash lights.
Please help.! I am a single female with no understanding of how to determine problem or how to fix it, nor do i have any funds to have it looked at or fixed!
I will follow any suggestions to determine / repair this issue, just tell me what to do!!
Please Help! Im afraid I might end up broke down and stuck on the side of the road!!!!