Aug 182015

yesterday my car lost gears 4-6 in “D” mode, i was able to drive using manual 1-6. later on the car had no issues, should i have this checked out anyway?

Aug 132015

I hit a hole and popped the bolts that hold the power steering box to the frame loose and now the jeep wont turn left could the bolts being out be the reason it won’t turn left or is it something else please help me this is urgent I’m without a vehicle until I find this out

Aug 012015

i hope someone can help me i started my jeep the other day and all of a sudden the dashboard lights lit up and stayed on while driving and my gauges stopped working ,my roof computer went crazy too . i pulled over shut it off and started again and the same thing . while driving some lights turned off and some didnt . my truck never stopped running it ran the same took it to autozone and the results came back #1 poor electrical connection #2 failed skim module . can someone please help me

Jul 092015

While changing the alternator I had someone put the battery in and they hooked it up backwards. So far I replaced all relays, plugs, wires, cap, roter, ignition module,fuel pump and filter .It will only run for 3-5 seconds .

Jul 072015

we are having windsheild wiper problems when the truck heats up they stop working they have replaced switch,wiper battery,relay switch, still nothing works as long as jeep is first started they work after about 40 minutes they quit an thats it for the day. any ideas?

Jul 012015

There is a ground wire going from the negative terminal to the engine firewall. When unattached the jeep won’t start no head lights etc….
Recently the wire stated getting hot and burnt ….
Question is this a factory wire or is this a work around fix from a earlier problem I’m not aware of ?
The negative large ground terminal wire is grounded on the engine block ….I put a heavier gage wire on it and it seems to be no problem …I just want to make sure this doesn’t start a fire or something …