Jun 072016

2001 Land Rover DiscoveryI continue to lose coolant/water out of my coolant reservoir. I just put in a brand new radiator, water pump, and coolant reservoir, but it’s still leaking. It seems to be dripping off of the oil pan, but I know it’s not coming FROM the oil pan. Please help! I’m actually desperate to fix this.


You will need to perform a cooling system pressure test. This will apply pressure to the cooling system and allow you to pinpoint the leak easier.

Dec 192015

Weird Fault. When vehicle gets up to temperature, engine keep going in re-juiced engine power. also been connect with DSC Fault & HDC Fault, also might be connect to noise brake squeak. I know the is some fault with battery cable, as found by a Land rover dealer when I needed a new key fob done. Last serviced 7/11/2015. Any Ideas?

Oct 282015

Hi. I have 2009 land Rover lr2. My check engine light came on and my abs light is on, the vehicle revs up but when I put it in drive it doesn’t go past 5 km no matter how much I push the peddle. Then after about a block I get Hill descent and traction control lights come on and I get acceleration. Please help.

2009 Land Rover LR2

May 042015

Last week I started my car and the lights for my traction control, steep grade and engine stayed on, now they are on every time I start it, also the wipers will not work while the car is running, they work fine on auxillary

Dec 202012

hi, have just noticed the trip stays illuminated when switched off and key removed. also, the on board message centre and trip computer have stopped working i.e no display at all. can you offer any advice to resolve this ? many thanks. phil

Feb 182011

Hi all,as i was driving my rover 400 tonight,it suddenly died on me..no warning,nothing.the only thing that was on,were the ignition lights,but they were very dim.Even when i took the keys out of the ignition,they stayed on.I looked under the bonnet and found the positive battery cable was loose.When i touched the cable to the battery,there was a clicking noise from the other side of the engine.I couldn’t work on it ‘cos of the dark and i had no tools.The car is still at the side of the road,miles from where i live.Any ideas anyone please….